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China Corporate United Pavilion

China Corporate United Pavilion
Seeds of China
With the name "Seeds of China," and drawing on the symbolism of the seed, the China Corporate United Pavilion interprets the dream of a group of Chinese companies that seek to live the values of conservation of natural resources and food security. The entrepreneurial spirit of China, imbued with heritage, perseverance and innovation, is truly epitomized by the living essence of seeds.

In the exhibition spaces, the themes on display are "The Origin of Life," "The Power of Growth," "The Dream of the Seeds," "Light of Life," "Cycle of Life," "The Culinary Arts," and others, showing the path of growth and the role of the business community within the rapid development that China has enjoyed. It is the first time that Chinese companies unite to take part in a Universal Exposition with their own pavilion.
At Expo Milan 2015 China is present in three different pavilions, that are separate but interconnected with each another: the China Pavilion; the Pavilion of the property developer, Vanke; and the China Corporate United Pavilion, made up of Chinese companies that present themselves to the world, while maintaining the dreams and the hopes of their history; these seeds will continue to shine gloriously in the future.
The Design of the Pavilion

The image of power that arises from the breaking of ground to the sprouting of seeds has inspired the design of the China Corporate United Pavilion. The life that comes from the green heart, that contains the auditorium space, transforms into the spiral of a DNA chain tracing an upward path, to then take on an elliptical form: the ramp gently accompanies visitors upwards towards the open spaces of the Italian-Chinese garden and the terrace. The pavilion is a temporary construction for these six months. Its simple geometric shape of an outer rectangle – aesthetically lightweight and breathable thanks to the breathable membrane and glass walls – covers the harmonious inner curves that represent the vitality of Chinese enterprises.
The goal is to create a gentle and natural environment: during the day the exhibition gallery uses the center ring for light and air; the heart of the pavilion is wrapped in a cylinder of green walls allowing nature to murmur within its interior, creating a sensory experience that is both natural and unique. The pavilion offers four different itineraries. From the first floor in the exhibition hall and in the auditorium, visitors proceed down to the ground floor and basement where they can enjoy the direct experience of food preparation, and then towards the restaurant and beyond, to the gift shop.

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