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AMIA dettaglio
The Concept

Food production is closely linked to identity. It is essential to represent this relationship not only in the local context but also on a global scale. The Fattoria Globale (Global Farm) represents the proposal of the participation of WAA-AMIA/CONAF in its participation at Expo Milano 2015. The Global Farm aims to define a global business model for the future of the agro-food sector: it will gather ideas for projects and models of food production that confer identity and that are sustainable and long lasting. 
Indeed, in the agri-food sector, globalization began some time ago, but in recent years some practices are showing signs of a global business model. Therefore, the project of WAA-AMIA/CONAF "Food and Identity - The global farm of the future" will touch the topics from biodiversity to productivity, from food waste to local development, from social responsibility to climate change. The WAA-AMIA/CONAF’s project for Expo Milano 2015 hence relies on the role of the agronomist and on the social responsibility that companies take on in terms of sustainable development and territorial diversity. During the six-month event WAA-AMIA/CONAF will realize several initiatives, including seminars and forums, designed to develop and disseminate the major topics of discussion and to highlight best practices.

WAA - World Association of Agronomists / AMIA - Asociacion Mundial de los Ingenieros Agronomos
The World Association of Agronomists was founded by representatives from thirty Countries on 8 September 1994 in Santiago, Chile, following the first World Congress of Professionals in Agronomy. It is a non-governmental, non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization, managed only by agronomists, with the aim of unifying, coordinating and representing associations of agronomists throughout the world, promoting the practice of the profession, its academic excellence and professional ethics, fostering social and economic development of the rural sector and representing the "agrarian rights" in international bodies and governments.


CONAF / Council of the National Order of Doctors of Agronomy and Doctors of Forestry

The Council is headquartered in Rome at the Ministry of Justice and represents the Italian branch of WAA - World Association of Agronomists. The National Council manages and represents the professional interests of practicing doctors of agronomy and forestry, as well as their relationships with national and international institutions, professionals and relevant organizations. It promotes and implements coordinated initiatives, while supporting the development and protection of the profession.

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