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Save the Children

Save the children dettaglio
The Save the Children Village

Save the Children is present at Expo with the experiential Village, a welcoming environment made out of wood and recycled materials, with landscaped outdoor areas and a garden. The design of the Village on the Expo Site takes its cue from many of the structures found in the countries in which the organization operates.
Inside the Village, through interactive, digital and analogue installations offering sensorial experiences, visitors can learn about the impact of malnutrition on many children, and also about correct food practices and the crucial role played by the mother, in her close, intimate relationship with the baby and child, in ensuring adequate nutrition and care and educating him or her about proper nutritional practices. 
The concept
At the beginning of the pathway, the visitor is invited to become the twin of one of the children who benefit from the organizations’ interventions, through an installation called the birth machine.
Once the visitor has been assigned his twin, the visitor is presented with a birth bracelet, and begins a journey through the five environments of the village, where he discovers the story of the child with whom he has been matched and experiences some of his or her daily challenges. In this way he can try to imagine how his life would have been had he been born elsewhere in the world and think about what he can do personally to change the life of that child. Be the Change is indeed a "call to action" taking place in the Village!
Save the Children

Contents of the Save the Children Village

Today about 200 million children under the age of five suffer from some form of malnutrition. Of the more than six million who die each year from preventable diseases before the age of five years old, about three million die from causes related to malnutrition. These are unacceptable figures. It is for this reason that Save the Children is committed to preventing deaths and bringing treatment, care and food to the poorest areas of the world. In October 2009, Save the Children launched Every One, a large global campaign to put a stop to childhood mortality and to effectively contribute to the achievement of the 4th Millennium Development Goal: reducing child mortality by two thirds by 2015.

Participation in Expo Milano 2015 is an important step in the raising of awareness on these issues, for both individual visitors and institutions, on the causes and the effects of malnutrition. At Expo Milano 2015 visitors learn more about the current challenges in these areas and the most effective solutions to combat them.
During the six months, Save the Children will organize activities, workshops, and educational courses for adults and children so that they can study - on the exposition site - the themes of nutrition and malnutrition and "nutrition-sensitive" agricultural development.
Save the Children

Save the Children is the most important independent organization and since 1919 it has been dedicated to saving children in danger and promoting their rights immediately and everywhere, through effective, innovative and sustainable programs. It works with courage, passion and skill, actively involving the children themselves, their families, local communities, supporters and partners.
Save The Children 60 H

Discover all the updates on themes of children, nutrition and Civil Society in the Magazine of Expo Milano 2015.

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