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Famiglia Salesiana DBN/VIS

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The Concept
Expo Milano 2015 represents for the Don Bosco Network (DBN), a great opportunity to educate and encourage young people to get involved in the Universal Expo theme. The DBN theme statement sums up the strategic and operational scope of the organization at Expo Milano 2015: "The right to Adequate Food in the framework of multisector responses to poverty eradication and Human Rights Based Holistic Development".
The DBN, manifesting the cooperation in developing the Salesian Congregations, will therefore make a significant contribution to educating young people on the issues of poverty and nutrition. According to the DBN, hunger and malnutrition are far from being just a matter of food production or the availability of food, but directly concern the right to life, access to a good level of education, to water and health, and to equitable economic conditions. With this vision, the right to adequate food can only be ensured by taking a holistic approach to human rights.
All Salesian communities around the world will contribute through a common education and training effort, something that has always marked their work and that will be promoted by the DBN at Expo Milano 2015 to make a real impact on the public. The act of education and the invitation for an active participation at Expo Milano 2015 by the DBN will take place through participatory workshops, themed focus groups, round tables, themed exhibitions and seminars, with a particular focus on young people
Don Bosco Network (DBN)
The Don Bosco Network (DBN) is a worldwide federation of 8 Salesian NGOs founded in 2010 whose vision, mission and action is based on the values ​​and principles expressed by the Salesian tradition of solidarity with the poor. The Salesian institutions, based in 133 countries, have been active since 1870 and run schools and educational centers in 108 countries catering for over 1,215,000 young people. Their work is aimed primarily at encouraging the development and guaranteeing the rights of vulnerable groups, targeting in particular children and young people at risk from social exclusion, by providing global education, vocational training and social reintegration.
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International Volunteers for Development (VIS)
VIS is a Non-Governmental Organization founded in Italy in 1986 and is part of the DBN. Its owes its growth in the world to the commitment and passion of the volunteers, boys and girls who have decided to serve the world’s weak with professionalism and dedication. VIS is present in over 40 countries worldwide and is involved in international solidarity and cooperation; its action has as a main objective the eradication of poverty, using education as a lever for change, inspired by Christian principles and by the charism of Don Bosco.

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