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The importance and the close link between food and good health are highlighted by the World Health Organization, which considers health and proper nutrition to be a basic human right. Food greatly affects people’s mental and physical development, performance and productivity, quality of life and effects how we deal with aging. A correct diet is a valuable tool for the prevention and treatment of many diseases.
The Osservatorio nazionale sulla salute della donna [National Observatory for Women's Health] (ONDA), a member of the European School of Oncology (ESO) network, is present at Expo Milano 2015 with the aim of creating a culture of nutritional education - portraying it as an indispensable tool for prevention through information activities and research. It provides expert advice to visitors with a dedicated booth in Cascina Triulza.
Founded in 1982, the European School of Oncology wants to reduce the number of deaths caused by cancer and to improve diagnoses and therapies through specific training programs. The ESO’s mission is encapsulated in the motto “Learning to Care” and it puts an emphasis on the importance of “caring” for the person in a holistic sense, not limiting care to solely treating the disease.  
ONDA, the National Observatory for Women's Health, founded in Milan in 2005, is an innovative organization focused on female health, through researching and sharing information on the different phases of a woman’s life. The goal is to promote the spread of this approach to medicine at the institutional, healthcare, scientific-academic and social levels in order to guarantee women the right to health according to equality and equal opportunity principles. 
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