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Amity University / Global Foundations

Amity University
The Concept

Amity University, India a Global Education Provider along with Global Foundation a Non-Governmental Organization promotes friendship through cultural exchanges with a mission to connect people of different cultures around the world through a Global Village theme participates in Milan World Expo. Amity University, India and Global Foundations show cases the research and development achieved by India in the field of Basmati Rice which is the staple food for the major populations of the world. Global Foundations have been working with various educational institutions, NGOs, civil societies, and various governments of the countries along the ancient Silk Road including governmental institutions around the world on various projects related to improving human life and empowering a right to education for the entire human race.

Global Foundation's mission is to work for the common causes of the world, which is enabling the right to education for the underprivileged and the empowerment of women in the societies, this is been achieved through Amity Education Group, India which is a NON-PROFIT leading education provider in India and around the world.
In Expo Milano 2015 Amity University, India along with Global Foundation creates a platform to build relationships that can bond people and cultures across the world through the Common Language of Food. That is the “Food Connect”. In order to achieve this, Amity University, India and Global Foundation has created the Basmati Pavilion with the theme “Showcasing human existence through harmony with nature, creating healthy food through, organic farming and increasing the food productivity by mitigating global climate change” which is presented to visitors through an interactive platform developed by the scientist and world renowned researchers and emeritus of Amity University, India-Basmati Rice Research Institute at Expo Milano 2015.

The Basmati Pavilion will showcase the old sustainable millennium, which safeguarded biodiversity while protecting knowledge, traditions and entire cultures. Hence, Feeding the Planet and providing nutrition, is undoubtedly a necessary action, but it can also be one of the most joyful for humankind; the pleasure of the palate which become an instrument of knowledge. The flavors and aromas of international cuisines will narrate the history and cultures of the societies of our planet in that era. Nourishing our body, however, also means feeding the mind with ideas, proposed solutions and future projects. The Basmati Pavilion is also joined by the famous Indian Basmati Rice producer with the Global Brand ASBAH along with Rangoli, Milan and invites world famous chefs to prepare various cuisines using the premium Basmati Rice for the palates of all the International visitors of Expo Milano 2015 over the six-month period. The Basmati Pavilion will donate and use the collection made through these activities for the cause of empowerment of women in the societies through education and imparting training to them to make them self-reliant.
Amity University
Amity University
Amity University is research and innovation driven Foundation University in India, a leading education group having grade “A” Accreditation by the National Accreditation body of government of India. As of today, Amity education group of India has over 1,50,000 students studying across 1,000 acres of hi-tech campus 250 educational programs. Amity Education Group has 17 International & Global K-12, Pre Schools across India. In order to be a truly a Global University in future Amity has set up over 12 International Global campuses located in USA, UK, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Mauritius, Romania, South Africa, Hong Kong, and Mainland China and most of them have local degree awarding authority.

Ratings in India of Amity University Educational Programs:
  • Amity University No.1 foundation university in India -The Times of India & India Today
  • Amity Business School No. 5 without IIMs - India Today
  • Amity Institute of Biotechnology No.1 - Bio spectrum
  • Amity School of Engineering & Technology No.1 among Engineering Schools
  • established in the last 20 years.
  • Amongst Top 05 for Academics - India Today.
  • Amity Law School Amongst Top 10 - India Today, Outlook & The Week
  • Amity Institute of Telecom Engineering & Management Amongst Top 5 - Outlook
  • Amity School of Hospitality Amongst Top 10 - Outlook
  • Amity School of Insurance, Banking & Actuarial Science No.1 - AC Nielsen ORG-MARG
  • Amity School of Fashion Technology Amongst Top 10 - India Today
  • Amity School of Communication Amongst Top 5 - India Today
  • Amity School of Distance Learning No.1 - The Times of India
The biggest strength of Amity Education Group is its unique Corporate Resource Center to facilitate excellent placements, with alumni all over the world in leading companies like McKinsey, Ernst & Young, HLL and Reliance. Amity Education Group provides a practical industry-oriented way of teaching. Contemporary curriculum is updated by the Industry Advisory Board, specialization in any of eight areas with an equal number of courses. Certificate courses in foreign business languages, values and ethics, art appreciation, and golf.  
To learn more go to the Amity University Website
Amity University

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