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Alliance 2015
The Concept
By taking part in Expo Milano 2015, Alliance2015 is showing the world its commitment to ensuring the right to sustainable food. In particular, the activities of Alliance2015/Cesvi is focusing on the theme of food security and nutrition, promoting the participation of Southern hemisphere countries through best practices in the field, testimonials and real results.
The theme is built on three pillars: improving the socio-economic conditions of women (and more specifically, of mothers), to reinforce food education and the nutritional development of children; making access to resources, such as land and water, more efficient and their usage more sustainable; improving biodiversity and local ecosystems, such as the Amazon and Limpopo, not forgetting the development of the communities who live there.
Alliance2015/Cesvi has numerous rich and varied program of events lined up to take place in the Exhibition Site: from the launch of the Global Hunger Index (GHI), to workshops, seminars and exhibitions on environmental sustainability and food security, to leveraging the Best Practices from the Southern part of the world, through to the promotion of the European campaign "Food Right Now". The Alliance2015 events are based on international reports, research and best practices, not only in the area of food security and nutrition but also of environmental, economic and public health.
Alliance2015 is a network of eight European Non-Governmental Organizations present in 86 countries. Its aim is to combine efforts in the fight against poverty in developing countries and influence public opinion and policy in Europe with the aim of contributing to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Alliance2015 organizations have a shared space for dialogue, discussion and the exchange of best practices, key issues such as food security and nutrition in poorer countries, cooperating through development programs and, in Europe, creating information and awareness campaigns for the general public, such as the annual publication of the Index Global Hunger and the “Food Right Now” European campaign.

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Cesvi is an Italian humanitarian organization, secular and independent, established in 1985 in Bergamo, and a member of the Alliance2015 network. With over 30 offices abroad, Cesvi operates across all continents to tackle every kind of emergency and to rebuild society after wars and disasters. Cesvi is involved in projects that fight poverty through sustainable development initiatives that leverage local resources and the collective mobilization of the recipient population. Since it was founded, Cesvi has run awareness and education campaigns aimed at young people and the general public, contributing to social and cultural change in Italy and other countries where Cesvi is present.


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