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Action Aid dettaglio
The Concept
The right to food is a key theme of the ActionAid strategy: both the international publication "People's Action to End Poverty" and the Italian “Italia, Sveglia” (“Italy, Wake Up”) highlight synergies with the Expo Milano 2015 theme. ActionAid works with people in different countries in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, not only on issues concerning the right to food, but also on producing sustainable agricultural solutions: the empowerment of small farmers, the fight against price volatility and land rights of the poorest communities.

ActionAid aims to provide a counter force, placing women firmly at the heart of its campaign for food security and demanding that in every part of the world, women have the right to access, own and control the land on which they work. The synergies between Expo Milano 2015 and ActionAid will be fully developed during the exhibition through a series of events representing the main issues on nutrition and its surrounding economy. In this way, thanks to ActionAid’s many years of expertise in communications, visitors to the Expo will be able to learn about these issues and become informed and active citizens.
ActionAid International
Working alongside the most marginalized populations and communities through long-term development programs in Asia, Africa and Latin America, ActionAid fights social injustice, hunger and poverty and ensures sustainable change that lasts. It believes in giving people the opportunity to organize themselves and demand their basic rights and it engages governments, the private sector and non-governmental organizations through awareness campaigns and mobilization. ActionAid International is an independent organization that is committed to fighting the causes of poverty and social exclusion. Founded in 1972, today it operates as a federation based in Johannesburg, South Africa, working with over 15 million people in 45 countries.
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ActionAid Italy
ActionAid was established in Italy in 1989. Its aim was initially to support projects in Ethiopia, although soon the programs were extended and today it supports a total of 226 projects. Since 2011, ActionAid Italy has been present in nine Italian areas (Padua and Treviso, Bologna, Turin, Naples, Reggio Calabria, Florence, Ancona, L'Aquila and Bari) with local representatives who involve organizations, associations, corporations, and foundations, and raise the awareness of citizens who want to contribute to change through social justice, sustainable development and democratic participation.

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