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Expo Milano 2015 is a global event characterized by its nature of uniting many different voices, basing its success on the involvement of all the various players taking part.
As defined by the rules of the BIE (Bureau International des Expositions), Participants in the Universal Exposition are identified as Official or Non-Official. Official Participants are all Countries (145) and International Organizations (3) who accept the invitation sent by the Government of the Country hosting the Exposition. Non-Official Participants may be a group of representatives, institutional and otherwise, whose participation is authorized directly by the Organizer of every single Exposition.
Given the importance of its theme, the Italian Government decided in 2011 to officially invite all member states of the United Nations and to open the doors of Expo Milano 2015 also to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and to companies as key stakeholders in the global debate on the challenges related to nutrition and food.
Working together, but with different methods and objectives, all participants will be called upon to interpret and make a real contribution to the theme of Expo 2015, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. The aim is to create a unique experience for visitors, as protagonists, increasing  their awareness of and seeking their participation in the drive for:
• the right to food that is healthy, safe and sufficient
• the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the food chain
• the preservation of taste and of food culture.
A Universal Exposition has the responsibility of leaving a cultural, social, scientific and technological heritage, and Expo Milano 2015 will build this legacy, above all, thanks to its Participants, who represent the heart and soul of the event.



Food is a vital and highly-topical question for everyone everywhere, and implies addressing many challenges. Expo Milano 2015 brings together countries from all over the world who have been charged with illustrating their own interpretation of the theme: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, to include ways in which these challenges can be addressed.

International Organizations

Organizzazioni Internazionali

The theme of Expo Milano 2015: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, is of paramount importance to the development of humanity. The participation of International Organizations at the exhibition is, therefore, key to its success. Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life means food security, access to food, and sustainability: all the central themes in the work and mission of some of the most important organizations worldwide.

Civil Society Organizations

Società Civile

The Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) play a leading role at Expo Milano 2015. Which is not surprising. For, it would be impossible to cover a theme so central to the future of mankind as Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life without the participation and contribution of that “aggregate of non-governmental organizations and institutions that manifest the interests and will of citizens."



The involvement of the corporate world with Expo Milano 2015 is of major importance for the event’s success. A Universal Exposition looking towards the future and towards technological innovation would not be effective without the active involvement of business, which is the driving force behind much research and development.

Our Shareholders

Official Global Partners

Expo Milano 2015 Supporting Initiatives