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List of Suppliers

Are you interested in knowing which industry sector has the highest percentage in terms of contract value or how contract value is distributed geographically? Or how many Expo 2015 SpA suppliers are providing works, supplies or services?

The icons below offer information on contracts already awarded by Expo 2015 SpA, shown as numbers and percentages. Details of suppliers are broken down by geographic location and ATECO classification, which is then split into the categories of Goods, Services and Works
Classificazione Fornitori

Note on Works

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Works relate to the building of the Expo Milano 2015 exhibition site and any architectural and  engineering services relating to these works, are provided in Annex 1 of the DPCM of May 6, 2013. This replaces and repeals the DPCM of October 22, 2008 by which the company Expo 2015 SpA was established.

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