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List of Registered Suppliers

For all online competitive tenders, Expo 2015 SpA uses the Sintel platform, which is developed and managed by ARCA (Lombardy Regional Central Procurement Agency), and which includes an online List of Suppliers.
Register online and be included in the List of Suppliers, so that you can enter your bid and take part in the online bidding process.
Why register online?
Registering online is free and carries no obligation. Online access is transparent and secure and fully compliant with legal regulations. A company can create a profile to access the platform and participate in the open or restricted tenders for the award of Expo 2015 SpA public contracts.
Who can register?
Any type of business can register online, whether you are a freelancer in either a regulated or non regulated profession, a temporary business group or association, a group of practices or a consortium. Foreign suppliers are also eligible to register, even if they don’t operate in Italy.
Why register for the List of Suppliers?
Expo 2015 SpA uses this List of Suppliers to select and invite companies to participate without the publication of an open public tender. Registration will last 24 months unless cancelled before the end of the term.
How to use the Sintel online platform
To understand how the Sintel platform works and how to use it, simply download the guides directly from the ARCA website, or consult our platform user guide.
Should you require technical support, please call our Contact Center on: 800 116 738 (toll-free) if you are calling from Italy, or on +39 02 933 1780 if you are calling from outside Italy. The Contact Center is open daily from 8:30 to 18:30 and is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
For further information on Expo Milano 2015 or our competitive tenders process please contact

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