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How to Become an Authorized Ticket Reseller

Expo 2015 SpA selects Authorised Ticket Resellers on a global scale. Below you can find details of the basic requirements needed to apply for this role. The basic Agreement Template is also attached.
Invitation to apply and requirements
Expo 2015 SpA Ticket Reseller Agreement Template
The additional attachments to the Ticket Reseller Agreement Template will be discussed with applicants that meet the basic requirements, either during a face-to-face meeting or via a telephone interview with Expo 2015 S.p.A.
Each application should be sent to:

Steps for becoming an Authorised Ticket Reseller:

1. Read the Invitation to apply and requirements  and download the Expo 2015 SpA Ticket Reseller Agreement Template application form;
2. Send an email with the requested attachments to:, thus making the application official;
3. Once the application is accepted and all the requested documents have been received, Expo 2015 S.p.A. will send the applicant a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) in PDF format containing information on ticket prices, commission and sales, necessary for defining the contract;
4. A meeting or conference-call with Expo 2015 Ticketing will take place to decide on the business model;
5. A forecast will be made on how many tickets will be for resale and/or the prospective Authorised Reseller’s marketing and communications plan will be agreed upon;
6. Expo 2015 SpA will provide all the necessary documentation to complete the contract;
7. Presentation of the prospective ticket reseller’s network and sub-distributors. The list of sub-distributors needs to be approved by Expo 2015 SpA;
8. Signing of the contract.
Authorized Resellers, in Europe and worldwide, that have signed a formal distribution contract, will be entitled to resell the special school tickets provided by Expo without exclusivity and with the obligation to combine the tickets with services and products adding value to the simple entry ticket to the Universal Exposition (in bundling modality).
Procedure to become a School Ticket Authorised Reseller

In order to answer the Public notice it is necessary to already be an authorised Reseller of Expo Milano 2015 and should:

• Read the Public Notice
• Apply officially via e-mail at: formally stating the candidature and enclosing the required documentation;
• The application shall be accepted by Expo 2015 S.p.A. only if the material received and analysed meets the minimum requirements;
• An appointment and/or conference call shall be set by Expo 2015 Ticketing in order to establish and define the implementation procedures of the service;
• Expo and the Authorised Reseller shall sign the attached document drawn up ad hoc for the school ticket resale integrating the previously signed contract;

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