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Partner and Sponsor selection

The RFP, Request For Proposal, is the main process used by Expo 2015 SpA to find Partners, Sponsors and Dealers and ensures a process that is both transparent and competitive. 
The process is split into two key categories:
  • RFP ON SITE: for companies wanting to invest in a physical presence during the Expo Milano 2015 event.
  • CROSS SITE RFP: for partners and sponsors offering general services, and not necessarily present on-site.

A Request For Proposal website is available, simplifying the search for partners and sponsors and giving an overview of the benefits and how a company can expect to boost their visibility.
For the RFP website please visit:
Expo 2015 S.p.A. is a public body with a procurement process that requires the completion of tender procedures as established by laws governing public contracts.
Expo 2015 SpA publishes all award notice content and funding requirements on the website to attract participation from Italian and non-Italian companies. To take part, we recommend you register directly on the Expo 2015 SpA List of Contractors on our website.

For Partnerships, the process of involvement is managed through an Expo 2015 SpA Request For Proposal (RFP). The RFPs are not themselves official competitions but an open and transparent process for selecting partners, since companies are required to send specific proposals. Expo SpA works closely with Expo Milano 2015 to find partners from strategic sectors essential to the success of this event.

In this section you can find the different sectors for partner activities, different categories of partnership and the different types of RFP.

Our Shareholders

Official Global Partners

Expo Milano 2015 Supporting Initiatives