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All the opportunities

One of the key objectives of Expo Milano 2015 is to select partners and encourage industry leaders to present innovative technology and solutions for partnership projects. Indeed, partnership with Expo Milano 2015 offers businesses increased global exposure.
This Universal Exposition offers a truly strategic opportunity to businesses operating in different sectors: to play an active role as individual companies and as a business community in creation of the exposition site and its related services. They can also contribute to the development of the theme and content of the event.
Main partnership opportunities

Partnership themes
  • Global Partner Food & Nutrition/Sustainable Agriculture: being a Global Partner of this event means playing a key role in developing the topics and global debate of the Expo; it also opens up many new business opportunities with its 20 million visitors.
  • Sponsorship of a Cluster (Official Food and Theme Partner): this choice of sponsorship guarantees an on-site presence throughout the six months of the event, ensuring great exposure for your company. There is also the prospect of marketing products, co-branded with the Expo Milano 2015 brand, and of organizing events, corporate forums and other initiatives.
  • Sponsorship of a themed area
Physical presence on the exhibition site
  • Non-official Participant: Companies can be a part of Expo Milano 2015 by building a Corporate Pavilion. Inside there will be a promotional space and a refreshment area.
  • Creation of your own promotional space: Inside the Expo exhibition it will be possible to have your own small pavilion (Self-Built Pavilion) or an open space (Piazzetta) to promote your products and services, and organize events or temporary shows.
Other opportunities 
  • Naming of a physical space: This type of sponsorship can be offered for the different parts of the exposition site, from event areas, such as the Lake Arena, the Open Air Theater, Piazza Italia, to the Mediterranean Hill or the walkways.
  • Refreshment services: Companies can brand, decorate and manage refreshment areas or provide vending machines
  • Licensing, Advertising, Merchandising, Co-branding

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