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All the advantages

Expo Milano 2015 will take place from May 1 to October 31, 2015 attracting over 20 million visitors, 1 billion virtual visitors and involving over 130 countries from around the world. It is not only a place to debate matters on the Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life theme, but also the perfect setting to promote innovation, offering businesses a rare opportunity to exchange ideas and know-how. The Expo theme lends itself to all kinds of industries and market segments. Becoming a partner or sponsor of Expo Milano 2015 allows you to be actively involved in:  
  • A UNIQUE AND EXTRAORDINARY EVENT that will last for six months, dedicated to the challenges of nutrition and sustainable development.
  • A NEUTRAL GLOBAL PLATFORM which brings together all stakeholders around a common goal and combines the best ideas and contributions as a legacy for the future. 
  • A SHOWCASE FOR INNOVATION AND INSPIRATION offering you a unique networking opportunity and a chance to present your best practices on sustainability and nutrition.

What are the advantages of being an Expo Milano 2015 partner or sponsor?

As an Expo Milano 2015 partner you will enjoy a number of advantages based on your level of involvement with the exhibition. Here are just some of the ways you will benefit:
  • Showcasing rights: By being linked to the event, your company will benefit from tremendous exposure and the possibility of participating in the advisory committees and the Expo Shaping Workshops. 
  • Logo and brand usage rights: as a partner you will have the right to develop advertising and PR campaigns linked to the exhibition and be able to use the Expo Milano 2015 logo and the Foody mascot to create special products and services.
  • High visibility within the Expo Milano 2015 Marketing Programs: Partners will have the option to participate in related Marketing & Communication Programs, including advertising campaigns in various media, global events and corporate events.
  • Inclusion in the official website and access to the Digital Expo facilities: depending on your level of involvement, your company logo is displayed in various places on the Expo Milano 2015 website and the Digital Expo. In addition, you are able to place banner adverts on the website. There is also the possibility of using the website to support your corporate branding and business development activities.
  • Business opportunities: your company profile will be featured in the Expo Milano 2015 Partner Catalogue in order to promote business development with the participating countries and to take advantage of networking opportunities between partners and participants. Based on your level of partnership or sponsorship, you are entitled to free tickets for the event, merchandising items for visitors and employees and special discounts on the purchase of additional quantities.
  • Expo events: as a partner or sponsor you can organize your own events within the exhibition site.

Expo Milano 2015 promotes innovation through an active collaboration between partners. This allows you to be a leader in your industry and to build strategic alliances identifying business opportunities in related sectors or those of particular interest.
Your involvement is essential in guaranteeing the success of this global event whilst contributing to Italy’s economy.

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