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Foody is the name of Expo Milano 2015’s official mascot

5 Mar

Foody is the name of the official mascot of Expo Milano 2015. It is given to a face made up of fruits and vegetables designed by Disney Italia and representing the Universal Exposition. To unveil the mascot were the children who proposed the idea and who, this morning, with the Commissioner for Expo Milano 2015, Giuseppe Sala, held a "baptism" for the friendly character whose bright and reassuring expression recounts the challenges inherent in the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life."
The mascot and the family of characters that bring it to life were welcomed by the mayor of Milan, Giuliano Pisapia and the President of the Lombardy Region, Roberto Maroni, who were attending the event. Also in attendance was Councillor for Territorial Policies, Franco De Angelis.
"Today, we all have the pleasure of knowing Foody and his friends,” explained the Commissioner, Giuseppe Sala. “If it’s true that with fewer formalities and speaking on first name terms we enter in direct contact with everyone, today is a beautiful moment in the history of Expo Milano 2015. The Mascot,” added Sala “not only will be a part of our daily life, but will acquire a unique and expressive narrative force. The name Foody, joins with the values of the Universal Exposition ​​and fully respects its identity: it clearly stands for a sense of community, made of the diversity in unity that we wish to convey to visitors from around the world, keeping in mind that food, in all its variations, is a source of life and energy."
Besides the name given to the face of the mascot, the identities of the other 11 characters were also revealed. Out of the 8,000 or more proposals received in the contest launched last December, here are the winners: Josephine (Banana), Rodolfo (Fig), Chicca (Pomegranate), Arabella (Orange), Gury (Watermelon), Manghy (Mango), Piera (Pera), Pomina (Apple), Rap Brothers (Rapanelli), Max Maize (Blue Corn), Guagliò (Garlic).
The children and families of the winning entries will be contacted in the forthcoming weeks to receive their prize: an afternoon with the designers of the mascot of Expo Milano 2015.
To allow citizens and tourists to make friends with Foody and his friends, the Agorà of Expo Milano 2015 – located in Piazza delle Armi of Castello Sforzesco in Milan – will host on the weekend of March 8 and 9, workshops, games and carnival activities. From tomorrow, and for the next two months, the whole family of mascots will tell the story of each character on the Jumbo Trams 12 and 27, customized for the occasion.


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