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Expo Milano 2015 Seen From Above: The Terraces of the Universal Exposition #2. Along the Cardo From the South Merlata Orogel Entrance to the Tree of Life

24 Aug

terrazze #2 immagine dettaglio

You’re half way through your visit to Expo Milano 2015: in front of you the beautiful space of Piazza Italia has just opened up, and from a distance you are admiring the Tree of Life. Why not look for a viewpoint that will offer you this spectacular vista even more spectacularly, perhaps seen from above? Especially during the sounds, water and lighting shows! The Italian Pavilion, with its various structures beside the Cardo, offers a lot of possibilities… to admire various views, nor only that towards the Lake Arena.
South Tyrol
This staircase which winds upwards between seven ash trees, is designed to remind you of walking up a mountainside. Indeed, when you reach the top, not only are you rewarded by a breathtaking view, but you can sign a visitor’s book, in South Tyrolean style, and also taste an original strudel.
terrazza Alto Adige immagine
The Wine Pavilion
Nearby the South Tyrol terrace, you’ll find the raised space of the Wine Pavilion. Here too you have a sensational view, even if the terrace itself is reserved for private events.
terrazza vino immagine
Palazzo Italia
For Gala Dinners and lunches with official delegations, the fifth floor of Palazzo Italia offers both a superb restaurant and the best possible view of the Tree of Life. This is the famed Peck Restaurant, which receives only invited guests in the evenings, but if you wish to taste the restaurant’s delicious food and thrill to the spectacle of the Lake Arena, the fourth floor has a glass-faced restaurant area open to the public.
terrazza Palazzo Italia immagine
European Union
This Pavilion, directly opposite Palazzo Italia, shares the same wonderful view of the Tree of Life. Here too, reserved only for private events.
terrazza Unione Europea immagine
Casa Ferrarini
Among the terraces open to the public, this one has a great position. Casa Ferrarini offers a front row seat for the shows put on by the Tree of Life. And also offers you the chance to taste sandwiches, panini and piadine stuffed with PDO and PGI products.
terrazza Casa Ferrarini immagine
Terrazza Martini
Sharing the same name as one of Milan’s most famous high terraces, the Universal Exposition version is also famed for its great view and trendy atmosphere… although also only open for private events. Famous for its upside-down cone drinking glasses.
Terrazza Martini immagine
The Pavilion of the Farmers’ Association has a beautiful covered terrace with a view over the Open Air Theater, which is open to the public at lunch. In the evenings, reservations are obligatory. Dishes strictly farm to fork!
terrazza Coldiretti immagine

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