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Fruits and Legumes to Fight Poverty: Expo Milano 2015 Celebrates the National Day of Equatorial Guinea

29 Oct

On Thursday, October 29, Equatorial Guinea celebrated its National Day at Expo Milano 2015, closing the long series of National Days celebrated throughout the six months of the Universal Exposition. Many authorities from Guinea and Italy attended event, Vicente Ehate Tomi (Prime Minister of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea), Pedro Ela Nguema, (Foreign Minister), Salomon Nfa Ndong (Minister of Agriculture and Forest Resources), José Antonio Esono Abeso (Minister of Culture and Tourism), Cecilia Obono Ndong (Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Italy), Andrea Olivero (the Italian Vice Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Italian). 
A small country of central - western Africa, Equatorial Guinea is renowned for its lush and imposing volcanoes. It is also the only African country in which Spanish is spoken as the first language and it is one of the most active countries in the promotion of education of its population. After the institutional interventions, the celebrations of the National Day of Equatorial Guinea continued with traditional dances on the stage of the Open Plaza and with a parade on the Decumano reaching the country’s Pavilion in the Fruits and Legumes Cluster where visitors were offered tastings of traditional products.
Sustainable development is a priority in Equatoruial Guinea
“I invite the international community to an action of solidarity to find a solution as soon as possible for the malnutrition issues that have been afflicting millions of people for years in the world – affirmed Vicente Ehate Tomi – in this sense, Expo Milano 2015 is a real bastion for the fight against a terrible injustice.” The Prime Minister of Guinea also mentioned the “Equatorial Guinea 2020” program, an ambitious five-year development plan proposed by the government to harmonize economic growth with environmental sustainability. “This day is especially important because it marks the end of the celebrations of the National Days at Expo Milano 2015 – affirmed  Andrea Olivero, who then recalled the attention on the “profuse commitment by the Government of Equatorial Guinea on the themes of the Universal Exposition promoting the country’s potentialities and richness in the Pavilion and gaining a central role in the debate Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.”

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