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Expo after Expo. Having sown the seeds for six months, now is the time to consolidate the model and gather its fruits

10 Oct

Expo dopo Expo 2 dettaglio

The work of the “Expo after Expo: the legacy of Expo 2015” event continued in the afternoon of Saturday 10 October with a succession of speeches, first-hand testimonies and analyses by the protagonists who have made this Universal Exposition such a widely acclaimed success. Speakers included representatives of national and international institutions, of partner companies and bodies, and of the academic and research sectors. On the stage of the Auditorium of Expo Milano 2015, contributions were provided by Sandro Gozi, Cabinet Undersecretary responsible for European Affairs, Stefania Giannini, Minister of Education, University and Research, Maurizio Martina, Minister of Agriculture, Andrea Orlando, Minister of Justice, Giuseppe Sala, Chief Government Commissioner of Expo Milano 2015, Diana Bracco, President of Expo 2015, Livia Pomodoro, President of the Milan Center for Food, Law and Policy. Other speakers included Michele Elia, CEO of Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, Luisa Todini, President of Poste Italiane, Andrea Segrè, Agronomist and Professor with Bologna University, Rose Sakala, a student from Malawi brought to Expo by Save the Children to give her first-hand testimony on female empowerment, and Massimiliano Tarantino, Secretary General of the Feltrinelli Foundation.
Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations, spoke through a video-message on the importance of 2015 from the viewpoint of sustainable development. In this sense Annan highlighted the UN’s launch of its Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs), containing the post-2015 goals, and described the Milan Charter as providing “a fundamental support for the SDGs on themes such as hunger, malnutrition and water access”.

Investment in women’s education needed. The Feeding the Planet project takes off
“In the testimonies expressed through the WE-Women for Expo – declared Sakala – we have discussed the future of this union of women, and how it must continue to be a protagonist in every future Universal Exposition. The ‘Studying for Girls’ project offers hope that women will be able to create a future for themselves through education.”
Giannini announced the launch of the Feeding the Planet project, an opportunity for setting off from a material legacy and transforming it into something that can’t be photographed: the highway of knowledge. “This project will be our Eiffel Tower, the lasting symbol of this Universal Exposition.” Tarantino underlined the same concept: “We won’t stop here, we will continue to support young researchers, our scientists and our over 140 research centers.”

A model to be followed
“Expo could be described as a mission accomplished whose keywords are ‘international openness’ and ‘chorality’ between its participants and actors. Palazzo Italia will remain after the end of Expo Milano 2015 and will be the starting point for the government’s development plan for the area”, said President Bracco.
“The public has taken possession of Expo, and has become its protagonist – declared Chief Commissioner Sala – For the “after Expo” too, we’ll need the same collaboration between the public and private sector, but to achieve that we’ll need good planning and clear ideas. Our country doesn’t just need simplification, it deserves it.”
Expo’s tangible and intangible legacy
“The password is “zero waste”. Statistics demonstrate that we are becoming more aware and more efficient in reducing or using excess food. The Exposition is just one page of a book which we must all continue writing, together”, emphasized Segrè.
“Milan has demonstrated that there’s no food without legal rights. We will all suffer from undereating or overeating if we don’t resolve the contradictions in the way the world works”, stated Pomodoro. “Milan should become the world’s nutrition capital.”
“Expo is a metaphor for possible change. It offers the change of step which we needed and which we were waiting for too many and too difficult years. Agriculture does not describe the past, but it is strategically crucial for the future of our country. The six months of this Universal Exposition represent the sowing of the seeds. Now is the time to preserve and nourish their growth, in order to soon harvest their fruit for Italy”, concluded Minister Martina.

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