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At Expo Milano 2015 There are Fun Picnic Spots: Find out Where below….

1 Sep

area pic nic immagine dettaglio

It’s time for lunch here at Expo Milano 2015 too… to avoid spending time away from the many attractions on offer, maybe you packed your own lunch? Or do you plan to buy one of the many ethnic or ultra-Italian sandwiches available here in the Universal Exposition and eating it al fresco? Expo Milano 2015 offers visitors no less than 12 areas complete with tables, chairs, benches and awnings. Here they are:

In front of Pavilion Pavilion Zero (I 6)
Nearby you will find all the services you need, including ATM machines and telephone top-ups, a water fountain and even a ping pong table (rackets and balls available at the Juicy Bar)

area pic nic Padiglione Zero

Inside Cascina Triulza (F 12)
This is an area covered by a pergola opposite the farmstead, which is also a pleasant location for those wishing to take a break in natural surroundings with a view of the Malaysia Pavilion.

area pic nic Cascina Triulza

At the entrance and exit of the Childrens Park (E 13, F 15)
They are two grassy areas with fun round tables, well-suited for a family lunch. The Children Park hosts toilets (in different sizes for children and adults) with changing tables.

area pic nic Children park

Between the Pavilions of  the United States   and Turkey   (F 23)
An area that is sheltered from the sun, with tables and chairs, near all the services.

area pic nic Stati Uniti Turchia

Next to the Oman Pavilion
Almost at the end of Expo Milano 2015, this area is extremely convenient those using the Est Roserio Orogel entrance/exit.

area pic nic Oman

At both the ends of the Cardo there are four picnic areas outside the Italian Pavilion. (G 19, G20, H 19 H20)

area pic nic Cardo immagine

Behind the Open Air Theater (I 23)
The tables of this small grassy area lined with trees resemble small wooden mushrooms. The area is suitable for short breaks.

area pic nic Open Air Theater

In contact with nature, in our grassy areas

Expo Milano 2015 also offers visitors the possibility to use three grassy areas for lunch:


Behind Palazzo Italia (E 78)
This large lawn allows you to relax completely and, if you simply can’t go without… it is near a smoking area.

area verde Palazzo Italia
Among the kiosks of the Eataly restaurants (I/J/K 15)

In these areas you can eat the products purchased in the various regional restaurants, but also food brought from home.

area verde Eataly immagine

In front of the McDonald’s Pavilion  (H 25)
Here there is a small grassy area, where you can recharge your smartphone at the upright charging system which features a range of sockets for different devices.

area verde Mc Donald
A picnic… Pavilion-style

Finally, some Pavilions have refreshment areas that are inspired by the picnic experience. These include, Austria, which has recreated an Austrian forest inside its Pavilion and has designed its refreshment area modeling it on a mountain picnic.

The Israel refreshment point also welcomes visitors with wooden tables decorated with plants in its outdoor area. The wicker baskets hanging from the walls, which can also be purchased, enhance the picnic feel of this area.
The long wooden tables of the Switzerland Pavilion also recall the national festivals traditionally celebrated in this Country with a picnic.


By the way, did you know that the idea of the picnic dates back to the 17th Century and became popular in the 19th century, when Impressionist painters also began portraying these moments in the open air? For further information visit the exhibition Arts & Foods Rituali dal 1851. Admission is free with an Expo Milano 2015 (day or evening) ticket.

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