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The Tree of Life has been Raised. A Contemporary Work that has its Roots in the Renaissance

4 Mar

innalzamento Albero della Vita

The Tree of Life rises to the sky, 37 meters in height and is reflected in the water of the  Lake Arena. It has been “planted” at the end of the Cardo, the 350 meter long  axis that connects the north and south of the Expo Site in  front of The Italian Pavilion. The Tree of Life was created by Orgoglio Brescia , a consortium of local businesses, and fits perfectly within the great metaphor of the nursery on which the concept of the Italian Pavilion is based. It was designed by Marco Balich. The Tree of Life will be a reference point during the six months of the exhibition. It is a place to meet up and relax and a place in which to be entertained, thanks to the special effects and lighting that will bring it alive in the evenings.  It is an Interactive installation that serves as a centerpiece for the activities of the Italian Pavilion.

The Tree of Life has its roots in the Renaissance  

1534 : on papal commission Michelangelo began to redesign Rome’s   Piazza del Campidoglio. The paving of the piazza was conceived as an oval-shaped design containing a twelve-pointed star, symbolizing the constellations. It is this shape with its high allegorical meaning that inspired Marco Balich in creating the Tree of Life’s structure. The weaving that covers  the work, made by Studio Gioforma , continues the pattern and represents  reaching for  the future and innovation, while maintaining strong roots in the Renaissance.  As with the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius that was placed in the center of Piazza del Campidoglio, so the Tree of Life arises from the center  of the Lake Arena. It dominates the landscape, drawing the attention of hundreds of people every day as they cross the two main axes, the Cardo and the Decumano, and who will participate in events and visit the pavilions of Expo Milano 2015.

Italian seeds to feed the country

The Italian Nursery  is the concept of the Italian Pavilion of Expo Milano 2015 ,  serving as an incubator to nurture  projects and talents . It is an innovative and transparent space and functions as a reference point for researchers, entrepreneurs, and artists – who can find in the tree of life an expression of primeval nature. The Italian Pavilion will exhibit national excellence and the variety and richness of Italy that make it so unique.

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