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The National Days: Discovering the World at Expo Milano 2015

31 Oct

National Day

Among the events taking place at Expo Milano 2015, the National Days have played a particularly important role. Organized on the day of the national holiday or on a significant occasion for the individual countries participating, the National Days were celebrated during the entire six months of the Universal Exhibition, sharing the country’s culture and traditions. Throughout these six months of the event, the national days have provided the opportunity to present solutions for nutritional challenges and also compare strategic developments on issues of local and global interest. The intensification of international politics, the recognition of human rights and the strengthening of international commercial relations were intertwined with the presentation of local traditions, underlining the folklore and spirit of the participating countries.

National Days, a day of celebration and friendship between the countries
From the first National Day, celebrated with Turkmenistan on May 3, to the last, that of Equatorial Guinea celebrated on October 29, all the National Days were inaugurated with national anthems for Italy and for the country honored on that day, followed by the flag-raising ceremony.  The opening ceremonies took place on the Expo Center stage where dignitaries gave speeches for the occasion. The speeches from the Italian and foreign delegations emphasized the strong historical trade and political relations between the two countries and the intentions to continue working together in the interests of global development. 
Cooperation and solidarity were later corroborated by the representatives of the national authorities by their signing of the Milan Charter or the Book of Honor at Palazzo Italia. At the end of the ceremony, the National Day celebrations continued with a parade along the Decumano featuring people in traditional dress and performances from well known artists, presenting the most ancient national traditions. The National Days also included the participation of institutions and private companies, presentations, chefs, musicians and dancers, all gathered for one day at Expo Milano 2015 to celebrate and share the beauty and the wealth of their country.
The gallery
The best moments of the National Days, which signaled the six months of the Universal Exhibition in Milan, can be relived through the photos featured in this gallery. The spirit of folklore, parades, colorful costumes and cultural performances, the richness of the foods and beverages are all represented in a series of images with which you can discover the most characteristic aspects of each country. View the gallery:

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