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The Cooking Show. From Marco Stabile to Spyros Theodoridis, all the guests for the coming week

8 Aug

CS 8 agosto dettaglio

photos © Stefano Porta
Another lively week has just finished on The Cooking Show, the TV program which involves Italian and International chefs meeting to exchange dishes, recipes, culture and cooking anecdotes, while also reflecting on the Expo Milano 2015’s theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. The show is shot every day in the RAI studios inside the Expo Center, featuring the two chefs of the day, one or more other guests, and the presenter Lisa Casali, the expert on sustainable cookery who creates a new dish using the ingredients left over after the making of the chef’s dishes.
Dishes of the Week 

The week began its taste adventures with the chef Renato Morisco on Monday August 3. He prepared a Prawn Heart on cicero e tria (the latter a traditional pasta dish from Salento, in Puglia) and then, with chef Guido Haverlock, he whetted the audience’s appetites with the organic Zackel lamb pastry pie. On Tuesday August 4, Marco Stabile performed with his Ultrapappa with Tomato, challenging the chef Vesna Miletic and his Neretva Broth. Creativity galore was seen on Wednesday August 5, with Massimiliano Musso preparing his lightly smoked Purple Potato Buttons and the Greek chef who won the first edition of Masterchef Italia, Spyros Theodoridis, who hypnotized the public with his Risotto with prawns, nectarines, powdered liquorice and fresh mint. Paolo Griffa, a young expert confectioner and representative of Italy in the San Pellegrino Young Chef talent show, on Thursday August 6 prepared his ‘Airbag’ dish, challenging chef Fabrice Desvignes, who created a vegetarian dish with “Violan” zucchini roasted in garlic. The week concluded on Friday August 7 with the savory simplicity of Matteo Vigotti’s Toasted Bread, and the Thiove and Lumino de Mandioca by the chef from Mozambique, Juhnia Pacheco.

How to participate in The Cooking Show

If you want to take part in The Cooking Show as a member of its studio audience, register at the Infopoint in front of the Expo Center, from Monday to Saturday up until 14:30, and on Sunday up until 11:00. The live show takes place every day inside the RAI studio in the Expo Center, close to Pavilion Zero, on Monday to Saturday from 15:30 to 16:30 and from 12 noon to 13:00 on Sundays.

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