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The Ambassadors to Expo Milano 2015 and the Other Celebrities Who Visited the Universal Exposition: The Faces Of Success

31 Oct

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A showcase for participating countries, a storehouse of ideas, experiences and incentives, a platform that hosted more than 7,000 events in six months, a review of the world’s cultures and peoples. A kaleidoscope of colors showing a lively view of global landscapes with those landscapes surrounded by an enormous “green lung” showing an appreciation for biodiversity, a kitchen with fragrances of fruit and spices, meat and flowers, an experimental center for discussions on innovations and new technologies, where scientific research related to food was at the heart of discussions by the most important experts in the world, a great architecture studio that brought together the brightest minds and most forward-looking shapes. The Universal Exposition in Milan is drawing to a close, but its legacy is reflected in the many faces who attended this event.
The ambassadors to Expo Milano 2015: an important structure for broadcasting the message of the Universal Exposition
Expo Milano 2015 attracted visitors from around the world, totaling more than 20 million admissions, and becoming a mandatory stop for many national and international celebrities. The first of them were the Ambassadors to Expo Milano 2015: familiar faces from the worlds of fashion, entertainment, economics, cinema, art, sports, cooking, architecture and business who bet on the success of the Universal Exposition before it even opened its doors, promising their support and contributing to spreading the message behind the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for of more than 60 photos from the six months of the Expo, marked by the faces of actors, soccer stars, chefs, singers, film directors, athletes, Nobel prizewinners, architects, artists and writers.
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