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Samantha Cristoforetti, at Expo Milano 2015 as the Ambassador of the Universal Exposition, Reveals the Importance of “Looking at the World From Another Perspective”

8 Oct

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On Tuesday, October 6, Samantha Cristoforetti kept her promise and visited Expo Milano 2015. Accompanied by the Russian Anton Shkaplerov and by the American Terry Virts, her colleagues on the Futura mission, the Italian astronaut visited Pavilion Zero, Palazzo Italia and the United States, Russia and Alitalia-Etihad Pavilions where she also met fifty middle-school students from Vignate (Milano).
Explore the world from an early age
Smiling and joyful in her blue suit of the Italian Space Agency, Samantha Cristoforetti was welcomed at the Alitalia-Etihad Pavilion by the Alitalia commander Antonella Celletti, first Italian woman to become a pilot for an international airline. Waiting for her were fifty boys and girls looking forward to asking her many questions. Several keywords were mentioned: courage, perseverance, dreams, and study. And so much curiosity about daily life on an International Space Station: “How did you spend your days? How do you sleep with zero gravity? What did you eat?” And also some requests for advice, for example on how to live adolescence: “The most important thing is to learn to see the world from new angles - answered the astronaut - and this is why I advise to study during a year abroad, an experience that will make you gain self-confidence and the ability to communicate with different cultures. And then learn foreign languages, read and watch movies in the original language. The key thing is not to withdraw from the others - concluded Samantha Cristoforetti - but explore the world, cultivate your interests and passions to be ready to realize your dreams when the opportunity comes.”
Ambassador of Expo Milano 2015
Captain Cristoforetti believed in Expo Milano 2015 from the start, and was enthusiastic to become an Ambassador. She took off on November 10, 2014, her mission coincided with the last preparatory phases of the Universal Exposition, weeks of intense work that the astronaut supported and encouraged from space through video messages and tweets showing her enthusiasm and curiosity for the Event. Samantha Cristoforetti then concretized her commitment as Ambassador of Expo Milano 2015 giving visibility to the nutritional aspects of her mission, thanks to a continuous communication with the public following her from the Earth.
Space and Food
The space mission Samantha Cristoforetti was part of was tightly linked to the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, because it consisted of several experiments on plant biology, aimed at enabling the self-production of food by astronauts involved in extended missions, and at improving farming techniques on Earth. The application of space-derived knowledge and technologies to agriculture was one of the great themes of the Universal Exposition developed with numerous events and meetings organized by the USA and UK Pavilions in particular and by Finmeccanica.

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