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Record Closing for Expo Milano 2015. On October 31, the Turnstiles Close at 17:00

19 Oct

31 ottobre chiusura 17 immagin

The big closing party for Expo Milano 2015 is being prepared: for six months visitors from around the world have entered the Expo site and have been able to see the pavilions, try new foods, and share knowledge and expertise. Every week large numbers of visits were tallied:  enthusiasm, curiosity and the desire to discover affected people from all over the world.
Important information for tickets for October 31

Ticket sales for Fixed dDate tickets have ended. As of October 30, only Open Date tickets will be sold, they are valid for October 30 and 31.

On October 31, the turnstiles close at 17:00

The journey into the beauty and flavors of Expo Milano 2015 continues up until October 31, the day when there will be a grand finale to salute this great world event that has embraced the city for six months and has received millions of visitors. On October 31, the turnstiles will close at 17:00 - from that point on you can no longer enter the Expo Site. 
In view of the early closure of the entrance of the Exposition Site, ticket sales for Expo Milano 2015 through the ticket offices located at the entrances of the exhibition site and on the official website officially end Saturday, October 31 at 15:45 .
Ticket sales for evening "Open Date" tickets, as well as the for the 2 consecutive days carnet, will officially end Friday, October 30 at 18:30.After that time, no further entries will be allowed, including anyone waiting in line at the entrance gates. We remind you that, according to current regulations in Italy, it is not possible to enter the Exhibition Site wearing fancy dress makeup and/or mask.
From Tuesday, October 20 Open Date tickets cannot be converted online
Important notice for all those who wish to visit the Universal Exhibition site: Given the great success and the large turnout expected for the last 15 days of the event, starting from Tuesday, October 20, in order to make it easier for everyone to access the Expo Milano 2015 Exhibition Site, the Company has suspended the online conversion function of "Open Date" tickets. Therefore, from that date on, it is no longer necessary to convert "Open Date" tickets into "Fixed Date" tickets in order to ensure entry on a specific date. "Open Date" tickets already converted to "Fixed Date" tickets may be used on the chosen date. 
Guaranteed access to “Fixed Date” ticket holders will continue to be provided. Access to Expo Milano 2015 will be extended to all valid “Open Date" or " Fixed Date " tickets, provided that they comply with the security, public rules and crowd limitations that guide and regulate inflows to the Exhibition Site.
From Tuesday, October 20 Fixed Date Evening Tickets will no longer be sold online  
The Expo 2015 Company has announced that, starting from Tuesday, October 20, it will no longer be possible to buy “Fixed Date” evening tickets from the website of Expo Milano 2015. From that date it will only be possible to buy “Open Date” evening tickets that can be used every evening, except for Saturday, October 31.

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A six month trip through the beauty of the world ...
Every day along the Decumano, you can take a trip to the discover the participating countries and their traditions, while the Cardo shows off the excellence of Italy. Visitors can customize their itinerary and admire the architecture that fills the site: Expo Milano 2015 where food also means culture: art, culture and photography interpret the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life with different ideas expressing a singular intent: explaining how food promotes relationships between people. 

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