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On Wednesday 24 June, Slovakia Celebrated its National Day

24 Jun

slovacchia dett national day

The official celebrations for the National Day of Slovakia were opened on the morning of Wednesday June 24 at the Expo Milano 2015 Media Center, in the presence of Andrey Kiska, President of the Slovak Republic and Riccardo Nencini, Italian Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Transport. The ceremony began with some songs performed by the Slovak choir and the Italian and Slovakian national anthems, as the flags were raised. It was followed by Minister Nencini’s speech welcoming President Kiska, the authorities and the visitors present. 
“This Universal Exhibition focuses on the theme of food production throughout the world. It is our hope that this concept is developed while protecting the environment as much as possible. Expo Milano 2015 is like a sort of Noah’s Ark, an ark for the freedom and rights of peoples”. 
The President of the Slovak Republic expressed a fervent desire to make a contribution to the Universal Exhibition through his country’s input and the hope that Expo Milano 2015 will be able to tackle the issue of nutritional wellbeing, which is currently denied to certain peoples in the world.
Marek Hamsik and the Folklor Symphony are among the National Day guests
After the ceremony, the delegation walked along the Decumano to the Slovakia Pavilion, where the National Day activities began. The Slovakian Marek Hamsik, captain of the Napoli football team, was there and at 18:30 in the Auditorium, the world-famous dance company Folklor Symphony gave a breathtaking 80-minute show, created especially for Expo Milano 2015, with 40 dancers, 60 singers and an orchestra with a total of 70 musicians.
Slovakia. The world in your pocket
Slovakia is a country with an abundance of National Parks, spa towns and ski resorts, but it also has medieval castles and interesting towns to visit. It is present at the Universal Exhibition with a fascinating pavilion in the eastern part of the Decumano and its evocative theme is “The world in your pocket”, to give visitors an idea of the great abundance of treasures this European country has to offer in terms of nature, history, architecture, sport and gastronomy, with a wide range of offers that is certain to satisfy everyone, even the most demanding visitors and palates.

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