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Expo Milano 2015 Seen from Above: The Terraces of the Universal Exposition. #3 Panoramic Viewpoints from the Cardo to the Est Roserio Orogel Entrance

25 Aug

terrazze terza parte immagine dettaglio

You’ve almost reached the end of the Decumano, and it’s time to take a break. Preferably from somewhere with a really special view. Expo Milano 2015 won’t disappoint you: in this section of the Universal Exposition too you can find some happy surprises. From the Cardo to the Mediterranean Hill there’s a whole series of magnificent views: no less than 12 terraces. Here they are…
This Chinese corporate Pavilion, whose surface evokes the scales of a dragon, has a spiral form which invites you upwards towards the top. From there, surrounded by green grass, you have a great view of The Tree of Life and Palazzo Italia.
terrazza Vanke immagine
New Holland Agriculture
The New Holland corporate Pavilion, features a striking sharply sloped grass surface with a real tractor at the top: this is all the more spectacular if seen from the walkway above, providing a decidedly unusual perspective on Expo Milano 2015.
terrazza New Holland immagine
The German Pavilion makes the most of every possible space for stimulating its visitors and inviting them to act (“Bee Active” is the Pavilion’s motto). Anyone taking a brief stroll on the terrace has the chance of helping people on the floor below with their interactive games. How? By collaborating via the installations that project through the roof. Würstel and sauerkraut available of course.
terrazza Germania immagine
United States of America
Here is the largest terrace in Expo Milano 2015 at about 3,000 square meters where an American Bar serves drinks and snacks. It is covered by a glass ceiling made of panels of SPD-SmartGlass, which adapt their transparency according to the intensity of the sunlight, as well as protecting from the rain and shading out the heat of the summer sun. Try some typical Apple Pie.
terrazza Stati Uniti immagine
A small exclusive terrace built for the Principality of Monaco, but large enough to admire the garden on the roofs which grows herbs and grass, some of which is used in the Pavilion kitchens. If you are fortunate enought to have sat at the elegant tables and chairs of this terrace ( by invitation only, unfortunately), you could have tried a Panier Monegasque or Provencal, a champagne aperitif with delicious nibbles.
terrazza Monaco immagine
Birra Moretti
A Pavilion with a distinguished look and mood, with its circular shape and copper finishes, evocative of old-fashioned breweries. You can also enjoy one of countless beer varieties in peace, by going up to the roof terrace, where its long tavern-like tables seem to invite visitors to take part in convivial mingling… and convivial beer drinking!
Terrazza Birra Moretti immagine
The roof terrace of the Japanese Pavilion, outside the restaurant area, is mainly an observation point at the end of the visit to the Pavilion, but it also offers interesting views and makes it possible to observe the fascinating traditional woodwork of the building. From the end of August a Sushi stall will be stationed here.
Terrazza Giappone immagine
This Pavilion, with the rooftop featuring a huge version of the typical local basket, can also be admired from above, where a pleasant path winds through lawns and flowers.
terrazza Qatar immagine
Russian Federation
The unusual shape of this Pavilion invites you to look up: and so you go up, up to the very large terrace with its bar and restaurant, frequently enlivened by parties and DJ sets. The ideal place for cool evening drinks or meals… try the Beef Stroganoff!
terrazza Russia immagine
This white terrace with a 360° view exerts an oriental allure, offering pathways with intensely colored flowers and featuring a traditional Turkmen-style tent at the center. But it also features a very modern bar with a rich range of drinks. 
terrazza Turkmenistan immagine
A terrace offering a soothing experience. Estonia’s roof garden alternates wooden seats and typical local plants. Also soothing is the birdsong… not necessarily produced live by birds, but recorded and triggered by movement sensors. The perimeter is occupied by small romantic armchairs and also swings, one of the Pavilion’s motifs. Recommended: the sandwich trio with three different flavors.
terrazza Estonia immagine
This terrace has a holiday feel to it, despite being private. It offers a view down onto the Al Sablat restaurant, with its tents and lanterns. Recommended the traditional mixed antipasto with antioxidant drinks… alcohol free.
terrazza Oman immagine

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