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Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti Interviewed by Exponet, the Official magazine of the Universal Exposition

31 Oct

Samanta Cristoforetti lancio news 09 ott

On Tuesday October 6, Captain Samantha Cristoforetti was finally able to visit Expo Milano 2015, together with her colleagues from Mission Future, the Russian Anton Shkaplerov and the American Terry Virts. “I finally got here! – she exclaimed to Exponet, the Universal Exposition’s Official Magazine – Expo is a really fascinating and varied place, as well as being beautiful and great fun to visit. So many happy people! And I must say, Palazzo Italia really does credit to our country.”
Feeding the Planet thanks to space technologies
“On the Orbiting Space Station, a lot of experiments are carried out on plants – explained Captain Cristoforetti – for two main reasons: on the one hand in order to study ways of producing food directly onboard spaceships, for example when we get to really long journeys, like missions to Mars, and on the other hand in order to understand more about plants’ mechanisms for genetic expression, to help select genetic varieties more suitable for particular climates and territories.”  After visiting Pavilion Zero, the Pavilions of the USA and Russia, and Palazzo Italia, the astronaut had an meeting in the Alitalia-Etihad Pavilion with 50 teens from a Secondary School in Vignate (Milan Province). Here she entertained and inspired her young audience, and encouraged them to explore the world in order to learn how to keep looking at it from different perspectives.

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