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Milan Darsena


The redevelopment of the City’s harbor, La Darsena, is one of the Expo Milano 2015 projects to leave a legacy to Milan and Lombardy. Its reconstruction restoring to the City its harbor and an historical, symbolic site in Milan. The project, developed by architects Edoardo Guazzoni, Paolo Rizzatto, Sandro Rossi and Studio Bodin&Associés, involved restyling the ancient port and the redefinition of adjacent spaces, with an investment of approximately 19 million euro. The operation consisted of renovating the banks of the Darsena, with new pedestrian areas and a new waterfront for tourist boat trips, and the redevelopment of Piazza XXIV Maggio, almost completely pedestrianized and planted with green areas. New tree-lined walks have been created on both sides of the dock, while on the western edge of the basin a garden has been developed that leads down to the water’s edge. 
New Routes and Details
© arch. Edoardo Guazzoni, arch. Paolo Rizzatto, arch. Sandro Rossi, Studio Bodin&Associés
Thanks to the project, important monumental findings, such as a fifteenth-century bridge, the remains of the Conca di Viarenna and the foundations of the sixteenth century city walls, found during archaeological excavation and survey, are being preserved and enhanced. To ensure continued public and urban use of the areas, ​​a space has been created along the northern bank of the dock, offering a new pedestrian walkway connecting the south and north banks. The former site of the city market has been demolished and replaced by a new structure, built next to Viale D'Annunzio that plays an important role between the pedestrian areas along the banks and Piazza XXIV Maggio, where a newly refurbished portion of corso del Ticinello has been reopened and enhanced.
© arch. Edoardo Guazzoni, arch. Paolo Rizzatto, arch. Sandro Rossi, Studio Bodin&Associés
There are newly paved areas and a redefinition of the south bank (along Viale Gorizia) and north bank (along Viale D'Annunzio) of the harbor and the formation of a working dock on the south bank next to the western edge of the area. There is also be a garden that descends to the level of the water, on the former site of the restaurant Bobino.  
© arch. Edoardo Guazzoni, arch. Paolo Rizzatto, arch. Sandro Rossi, Studio Bodin&Associés
A series of images tell the story of the birth of Milan’s new harbor. From the start of construction in October 2013, to the installation of the first beams, columns, load-bearing elements that give tangible presence to the project that has restored a place of historic interest to the City of Milan.
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