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Digital Smart City

Digital Smart City dettaglio

We all dream of a sustainable city that fulfills everyone’s needs and desires.
Thanks to the legacy of the innovative technology used at Expo Milano 2015 to improve communications and visitor experience, Milan aims to become a “digital smart city”.

At Expo Milano 2015, dedicated services, provided both via on-site multimedia Totems or via their own smartphones, help and guide visitors as they go round the Expo, but also when they come into Milan itself.

Digital Legacy
Expo Milano 2015 offers all visitors a personalized, sustainable, exciting, and safe experience, thanks also to innovative digital technologies. By harnessing the “smart city” model, by means of innovative communication technologies, services and energy efficiency, a better environment and quality of life is created.

The Expo exhibition site is a “digital smart city”, whose citizens are the visitors. They can combine a real, with a virtual, experience, participating actively in the exhibition and receiving detailed information on topics of interest, via their smart phones.
Technology is the Theme
Expo Milano 2015 is the ideal place to share and compare new knowledge, with theme, content and technology working together to keep visitors constantly engaged.

Thanks to this innovative and technological approach, the theme of Expo Milano 2015: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life - becomes an active experience for all. Not just a slogan, but an inspiration for a new way of living: a smart way.

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