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The Institutional Logo

Il Logo dettaglio

The institutional logo

The three primary colors, yellow, blue and magenta are merged in the institutional logo to create a blend of colorful shades. Four letters (EXPO) and four numbers (2015) are superimposed to create a single form. The institutional logo of Expo Milano 2015 was chosen following a competition that saw numerous students from art and design, fashion, industrial design, advertising and graphic design schools taking part. The wining entry by Andrea Puppa, was chosen from 710 entries. With the logo the designer wanted to represent light and life, with its different forms of energy, symbolized by the meeting and overlaying of colors.
The Expo Milano 2015 identity
The Vitruvian Man, the drawing of a man placed inside a round and square shape and one of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous images, characterized Expo Milano 2015 during the candidacy period. Since 2006, the time of candidacy against the city of Smirne in Turkey, Milan wanted to use a symbol of the Renaissance period to represent the 2015 Universal Exposition. As with Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man image, Expo Milano 2015 aims to put man at the center of the planet and the universe.

On November 23, 2010, Milan won the candidacy as host city of the Expo. After registering with the BIE, Expo Milano 2015 started work on finding ways to highlight the values of the exposition through color and design. These values have the planet and the future of mankind at their core.
The competition
A competition was organized to find the design that best symbolized the values of the Expo. It started with 710 proposals, each scrutinized by a panel headed by Giorgio Armani and formed by Luisa Bocchietto, Pierluigi Cerri, Gillo Dorfles, Italo Lupi, Marco Piazza, Daniela Piscitelli, Marco Pogliani, Giuseppe Sala, Andrée Ruth Shammah, and Ugo Volli. From these proposals the choice was then narrowed down to just ten finalists with the winning project being selected through an open online voting system.
The concept
The logo can be interpreted in different ways. It is made up of primary colors and linear shapes that represent simplicity but also versatility which is multifaceted. It represents the essence of food, where just a few simple ingredients can be combined to create an infinite number of recipes, each with a different taste. It is also the symbol of light and energy where simple primary colors create different shades and energies. In the same way, Expo Milano 2015 represents the different fields of knowledge which, when brought together, create a new energy for the future.
The font

The font chosen for the logo is Museo Sans by Jos Buivenga. It was chosen because it is linear and clear. Museo Sans is a particularly modern font with a strong geometric shape and is highly versatile.

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