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Il territorio

Wonderful Expo 2015: The Territories and Destinations to Discover 
The destinations in the heart of northern Italy will wow those visiting Expo Milano 2015. Highlighted regions include Lombardy, Piedmont, Liguria, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Parma, and Bologna. Discover the rich cultural heritage, exquisite gastronomy, and stunning artistic tradition of these fabulous destinations.
Lombardy is synonymous with Milan, capital of business, Italian design, fashion, shopping, and the city to host Expo Milano 2015. Dive further into the region by exploring places like Pavia, Lodi, Cremona, and Mantua to uncover all kinds of artistic masterpieces and naturalistic wonder. Nature is clearly a key component to life in Lombardy; just take a stroll through Brianza, Valtellina, Bergamo, and Brescia to see for yourself. The most celebrated Italian lakes also await you here in Como, Lecco, and Varese

Piedmont is one of the most appealing Expo 2015 destinations given its vicinity to the Exposition Site. Divided into eight provinces, more than a third of the region is mountainous and features fantastic skiing in locations like Sestrière. Plains in Vercelli, Novara, and Biella as well as rolling hills in Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato cover the rest of the territory. Don’t forget Lake Maggiore, home of the Borromean Islands, for a fantastic vacation full of fantasy and adventure. 

Liguria, at just over an hour away from Expo Milano 2015 is the perfect place to enjoy a bit of relaxation, cultural excursions, fantastic food, and fun on the water. The Riviera di Ponente near the French border and the Riviera di Levante along with the infamous Cinque Terre make Liguria an absolute must during your trip to Expo Milano 2015. Discover Genoa and the numerous destinations within Liguria for traditional products like pesto and focaccia for a vacation no foodie can turn down.
Friuli Venezia Giulia

As the most eastern territory of Italy, Friuli Venezia Giulia presents a stunning mix of cultures that can be seen through monuments, gastronomy, and local traditions. Start off at Trieste and explore the whole region, passing through Gorizia, Udine, and Pordenone. Alpine peaks and breathtaking panoramas render a trip to this region unforgettable no matter the season.
The Lands of Flavour, Parma, Bologna, Langhe, and Roero

Just kilometers from Expo Milano 2015, you’ll find the Lands of Flavour including Parma, Bologna, Langhe, and Roero. These spectacular destinations feature some of the best gastronomy with traditional dishes and wines making them famous around the world.
How can you plan the perfect trip with so many different traveling styles, territories to discover, and infinite attractions? Just logon to Wonderful Expo 2015, the official touristic portal of the destinations near Expo Milano 2015. There you can find information on all the attractions, news, and updates on events as well as the opportunity to book your own tailor-made vacation, from accommodations to services.

Wonderful Expo 2015 is a multi-channel, multilingual platform for those looking to personalize their getaway as well as to share their own experiences via social media. On the site, you can save your favorite attractions, find vacation suggestions, and book tour guides, hotels, restaurants, and services online. Every operator on the site has been selected based on specific criteria and high quality standards. Find the perfect solution for a customized getaway where you can book everything simply and intuitively.

Wonderful Expo 2015 represents the work of the DMO, Explora SCpA, an institutional corporation created by the Milan Chamber of Commerce, the Regione Lombardia, Expo Milano 2015, and the Lombard Unioncamere to communicate and promote the region.

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