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Guidelines for Participants

The environmental commitments of Expo 2015 also include a series of activities and initiatives aimed at guiding and supporting Participants in the prevention, reduction and management of the environmental impacts connected to their presence at the Exposition and promoting their contribution in terms of sustainability of the Event.

In particular, as part of the tools that regulate participation in the Event, the Special Regulations – in addition to highlighting the legislative environmental obligations of Participants and of their respective suppliers – envisage the acceptance of a series of environmental commitments, including:
  • the adoption of measures for the prevention of pollution and proper management of any environmental impacts associated with the construction and setting up of the pavilions and exhibition structures;
  • the reduction and optimisation of energy and water consumption;
  • the adoption of specific strategies to manage the environmental aspects connected to packaging, logistics, transport and movement of goods;
  • the preference for products and services with the best environmental characteristics and performance in the development of their commercial and marketing activities.
The provisions contained in the Special Regulations are accompanied by a series of environmental criteria added by Expo 2015 – whenever considered suitable and appropriate – in all of the Guides drawn up to  support management of the various aspects of participation in the Event, such as the Theme Guide, the Guidelines on Technological Services, and the Guidelines for the construction and dismantling of selfbuilt pavilions for the Official Participants.
Lastly, Expo 2015 has drawn up two Specific guidelines aimed at stimulating and promoting the active involvement of Participants in achieving the objective of sustainability of the Exposition:
Guidelines for the adoption of sustainable solutions in the planning, realisation, dismantling and reuse of the structures that will be set up for the Event.
Guidelines for Sustaniables Solutions

Guidelines for the adoption of green procurement criteria in contract tenders and in the purchasing procedures for goods and services that the Participants will implement in order to participate in Expo Milano 2015. Furthermore, specific prohibitions have been indicated with respect to the import and export of goods banned by the regulations in force and by international agreements such as the Agreement on international trade of endangered species and the European regulations on imports of wild flora and fauna.
Green Procurement Guidelines

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