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Charter of Values and Commitments of Expo 2015 S.p.A.

The long journey undertaken by Expo 2015 S.p.A. brings with it a set of cultural and moral ethics aligned with the adoption of core values ​​and commitments that drive its actions. These values ​​and commitments have been defined in accordance with the requirements of ISO 20121:2012 and EMAS Regulation and aim to ensure the continuous improvement of our environmental performance and sustainability of the events organized by us.
Expo 2015 S.p.A. is acutely aware that the organization of a World Exposition involves interactions with the environment, territories and communities, and its environmental and human resources. It is also aware of the potential that a Universal Exposition has in terms of its ambition to reach and engage as many people in a common theme of great importance - namely nutrition and sustainability. Furthermore, it seeks to increase their awareness, as much as to address choices and actions, both on a local and global scale, for the overall improvement of the welfare of humanity.
The Charter of Values ​​and Commitments represents the result of a process that has involved multiple stakeholders inside and outside the company and aims, by considering the importance of a major twenty-first century international event, moving resources as much as economic and human resources, harnessing the power of communication and engaging a wide audience. The objective is to explore this potential and achieve results that encourage us to perform well in the environment, paying particular attention to the prevention of pollution, to public resources and to the legitimate interests of all stakeholders.
This process has led to the definition of values based on the four pillars : Legacy, Social Inclusion, Innovation and Responsibility, on which commitments and goals have been defined, along with actions, initiatives and concrete projects.
  • Social Legacy - By choosing the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life," the aim is to stimulate thought and insights around one of the biggest challenges facing the world today with the aim of leaving a legacy of ideas and initiatives as a basis for developing long-term solutions.
  • Inclusion - The involvement and active participation of all stakeholders and the community on a global level guarantee the knowledge sharing that characterizes the Universal Exhibitions since their inception and make Expo Milano 2015 the crossroads between experience and knowledge.
  • Innovation - The presentation of innovative solutions to the problem of a global food crisis and solutions adopted for the construction of the site and exhibition areas, and the modern facilities for managing the event, allow visitors a unique and unforgettable experience, supported by technologies of the future (the so-called Smart City).
  • Social Responsibility - The implementation of sustainability principles in the design, implementation and management of the event aim to minimize environmental impact, allowing all stakeholders to take part in an experience that is truly sustainable, offering an example for future events.

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