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Virtual Tour, Live the Experience of the Universal Exposition

Virtual Tour pagina dedicata immagine

Expo Milano 2015: the Virtual Tour becomes real

For people who haven’t been to Expo Milano 2015 yet, especially families and schools, the Virtual Tour is a useful and enjoyable tool and is a big help for organizing visits. Now that Expo Milano 2015 has actually opened, its virtual version contains video images of the real thing, substituting the computer graphic simulations of the Universal Exposition before it had been constructed.
The new tour shows the real Decumano lined by the Pavilions of the Participating Countries, the Thematic Areas, the Clusters, the Cardo with the Italian Pavilion, and it offers spectators a genuine multimedia guide on the main Theme, ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’. During Expo Milano 2015, and also on the occasion of the various countries’ National Days, it will be possible to extend the virtual visit inside the Pavilions. The Virtual Tour also offers navigators various innovative 3D contents and functions, created by the sponsor “Dassault Systèmes – the 3DExperience company”.
Organize your around the world trip with the 3D map of Expo Milano 2015

The first 3D section offered by the Virtual Tour is the complete map of the Exposition Site: a single image provides an overview of the whole, and then the zoom function allows the viewer to explore from closer the astonishing architectural inventiveness of the various Pavilions, the sculptures and the exhibition areas.
By clicking on the active points, you enter directly inside the virtual images, and continue the virtual “visit” inside the interiors. The elevated quality of the 3D map stems from the development of an extremely complex model (with eight million polygons) covering the entire Site.
A 3D visit in augmented reality

Expo Milano 2015 is teeming with stimulations, metaphors and fascinating contents which the Virtual Tour also helps you to understand more richly through an itinerary of images. The 3D visit offers two different but superimposed levels: the first consists of real images of the actual Expo, the second consists of 3D images which augment reality by adding further suggestions. For example: viewers may or may not be aware of the significance of the name “Decumano” given to the crowded main road lined by the Pavilions of the Participating Countries. During the Virtual Tour an interactive icon allows the spectator to superimpose on the real image a 3D reconstruction of the main street in an ancient Roman city… called the Decumano.
The Theme: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life… multimedia guide

The overall Theme of the Universal Exposition – food and its global problems – is the most important message of Expo Milano 2015. But it isn’t always so easy to grasp its significance or relevance during a physical visit to the Expo Site. So the Virtual Tour has created a multimedia guide specially to point out the pertinence of specific displays and features in the Expo context to the underlying Theme. This helps, for example, to improve understanding of the history and current significance of the major food themes seen in the Clusters (coffee, rice, cocoa, etc.), through hundreds of info items: symbolic images which can be superimposed onto the concrete ones, videos, brief descriptive texts in three languages, with diagrams, explanations and anecdotes. In other words, the virtual tour offers a virtual interactive installation which enriches the images of the physical Expo Site with additional related material and context details for each individual part of the site. These highly informative and educational options have been greatly appreciated by schools, for example, and form an important part of the preparatory study material for school visits to Expo Milano 2015.
Come join the Virtual Tour and start your 3D experience now!

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