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ExpoNet, the magazine of Expo Milano 2015

ExpoNet pagina dedicata

A bilingual news source, in English and Italian, ExpoNet is the official magazine of Expo Milano 2015, created to provide in-depth coverage of subjects linked to the Expo’s theme: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

A forum where ideas can grow, open to messages, first-hand accounts, stories and faces, talking points, and expert opinions on topics connected to Expo Milano 2015, ExpoNet is where you'll find also articles, in-depth analysis and interviews with the key figures involved in the Charter of Milan. This document, the main legacy of Expo Milano 2015 and a protocol for all the countries that chose to adopt it, will be presented at the New York headquarters of the United Nations as a contribution to the international discussion on the UN’s Millennium Development Goals.

Discovering stories about food

When the stories behind our foods are known, each ingredient regains the dignity it deserves. This is why ExpoNet is gathering together all the footprints left on the world by everything we use to nourish ourselves – "foodprints" – in an exploratory journey through future trends, via a look back to the past, and then to the present, in the shape of Expo Milano 2015.
ExpoNet explores food-related themes via six sections:
  • Lifestyle focuses on how food impacts our everyday lives, influencing our daily routine, our way of thinking, our choices, and even, we might say, our future.
  • Culture investigates the influence of food in the artistic and cultural heritages of various peoples, and how these inform our contemporary eating customs and practices. 
  • Sustainability explores how our eating habits impact the planet.
  • Innovation examines the footprint that food leaves on technology and science.
  • Economy offers an overview of how food influences our economic structure, and how it affects markets, trades, and professions.
  • Taste takes a closer looks at foods, recipes, and includes contributions from chefs.
Even our minor daily habits are, in some way, intertwined with major global issues: hunger in the world, food waste and injustice, GMOs, land grabbing, food security, and the future of national cuisines.

World population will grow by an additional two billion by 2050. At that point, with nine billion mouths to feed, there will also be an ever-greater demand for food. To prevent a collapse, it is vital that a new awareness regarding our planet and its resources be created and disseminated.

ExpoNet provides a forum to spark debate, to spread awareness and knowledge of how we feed ourselves, by telling stories about what lies behind the dishes we find on our dinner-tables: through interviews, in-depth articles, videos, and photogalleries.
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