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Expo Milano 2015 Official App

Official App

Thanks to the Expo Milano 2015 Official App, you can participate first-hand in this Universal Exposition, which is a major world event whose theme is: "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life", and is taking place in Milan, between May 1 and October 31. Available free of charge on the Apple Store and Google Play, as well as being distributed pre-installed on Samsung Italia’s Edutainment Partner devices, the Expo Milano 2015 Official App, was developed in Italy by Accenture, Expo 2015's Global System Integration Partner, enabling the technologies of the Digital project by TIM, Integrated Connectivity & Services Official Global Partner. 
What can you do right now with the Expo Milano 2015 Official App?
Pagina App eventi You can discover what's happening in Milan, and in various cities Italywide on the occasion of the Expo. This includes events, concerts, lectures, food and wine tastings, festivals, shows, and conferences, as well as initiatives created especially for children.
You can consult the map, including images and videos, of the Exhibition site. See the architectural plans of the Pavilions, and the Clusters along with details of the countries belonging to each of these nine special spaces, as well as the four Thematic Areas, and the venues for on-site events. Pagina App mappa
Visit You can customize your visit to the Exhibition Site by choosing from a selection of thematic routes, on different topics, to discover new and interesting content. 
You can find daily updates on the Universal Exposition and its leading figures through a news series. Pagina App news

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