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Digital Expo. The Digital Tools for Getting to Know Expo Milano 2015

Digital Expo

Expo Milano 2015 presents its digital side. The Universal Exposition that Italy is hosting from May 1 to October 31, 2015. In the drive to broadcast its theme: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life far and wide, Expo Milano 2015 is harnessing some of the most innovative digital tools available.
Advanced technological solutions assist in promoting and spreading Expo Milano 2015's message, starting with the web platform.
In addition to the official website, ExpoNet magazine provides more in-depth coverage, and the Expo Worldrecipes community invite contributions from food enthusiasts worldwide. Meanwhile, the Exposition's Virtual Tour platform provides a preview of what to see at the Expo.
There are also the official apps, created for accessing information from mobile devices. In downtown Milan, computer kiosks around the city help passers-by become familiar with the main ideas of the Universal Exposition.
Thanks to the digital world of Expo Milano 2015, the event is yours to explore in detail in this section, page after page: the Participating Countries, the Clusters, the Thematic Routes, the Projects.
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