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Expo Milano 2015 Ambassadors: an international network of opinion leaders ready to illustrate the principles linked to the main Theme of the Universal Exposition: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, a network that will be enriched with new faces day after day, right up to the inauguration, on May 1 2015. The Ambassadors are the spokespersons carrying the message of the event, each of them putting into their own words what the overall theme of Expo Milano 2015 means to them. They have made Expo their own, embraced it, shared and expressed it. Writers, athletes, philosophers, entertainers, actors, designers, architects, designers, chefs, musicians, singers, and film directors from every corner of the world have taken on this role as exclusive event endorsers. United by a common desire to experience personally the message of Expo Milano 2015, they interpret and share it far and wide. Each of them represents their own perspective on Expo, each with their own answer, and their own vision of what Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life means and what the Universal Exposition will be like. They offer words on which we can reflect, so that the theme of Expo Milano 2015 can become our commitment to the Planet. What does "Feeding the Planet" mean? What will Expo Milano 2015 be like? From these questions, come a variety of responses, one from every Ambassador. Here are the videos of all the Expo Ambassadors. Find out what they think of Expo Milano 2015!

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