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Food and Beverage dettaglio
Expo Milano 2015 offers the opportunity to learn about the cultures of the world starting from the palate. At the Universal Exposition of Milan over 70 restaurants will take you to 70 different places in the world, offering you the possibility of enjoying over 70 different and unknown tastes and cultures, or taking you back to an experience of the past. All this through the culture of food. From zebra meat to Argentine beef, from crispy sweet and sour chicken to curry, from falafel to hummus, from noodles to rice, from cassava flour to corn flour, from sushi ice cream, to crocodile burgers and... much more. A clever mix of flavors, aromas, scents and ingredients that represent the cuisines from all around the world to delight young and old alike, from gourmets to lovers of fast food, the most demanding palates and those most attentive to nutritional intake. This Universal Exposition, of which the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life also refers to the culinary world and its impact on our lives and on the Planet we inhabit, has an extremely varied culinary offer.
Besides the Pavilions of the Countries and the nine Clusters, offering their food to visitors so they can learn about it, Expo has identified several Partners and Official Concessionaires managing the many foodservice points. Here the most refined palates can have a top class experience with the best Italian and foreign chefs, with sweet and savory temptations to tease every palate, at any time of day, with almost 20 different offerings. There are also many spots dedicated to families where it is possible to find an easy and affordable service suited for everyone. So many options for visitors who would like to taste the Italian regional cuisine, from pizza to cold cuts, from pasta to the very typical local menus. Expo does not forget those who want to eat lightly or follow a special diet, from gluten free to organic, there is something for everyone. We are in Italy where the aperitif is sacred; and a Spritz drink can be enjoyed in many different ways, even on one of the many terraces at the Universal Exposition.
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