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Frequently Asked Questions


The Expo is a Universal Exposition that is non-commercial (and therefore not a fair). It is organized
by a competing country that wins the bid to host the fair and involves the participation of other
nations invited through its diplomatic channels. The first Expo was held in London in 1851, and
its success prompted other countries to organize similar events such as the Paris Expo in 1889,
memorable for its Eiffel Tower. Each Expo is dedicated to a topic of universal interest.
The Expo takes place on a purpose-built site and is an opportunity for participants and visitors
to meet and share in a unique experience, as they get to know and experiment with an innovative
theme. The role of a Universal Exposition, besides showcasing the most promising new
technologies, also looks to interpret the collective challenges that Mankind is facing. The
international body that regulates the frequency, quality and performance of the expositions, Le
Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), was founded under an international convention, signed
in Paris in 1928. Currently over 160 countries are members of the BIE.

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The Expo 2015 SpA company was set up on December 1, 2008, in partnership with:
  • The Government of the Italian Republic (Ministry of Economy and Finance)
  • The Region of Lombardy
  • The City of Milan
  • The Province of Milan
  • The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Crafts
and in line with commitments made by the Italian Republic to the Bureau International des
Expositions (BIE) when it proposed Milan as its candidate city to host the Universal Exhibition of
Expo 2015 SpA is therefore responsible for the organization and management of the Expo Milano
2015 event, and accountable for the preparation and construction of the exposition site works, the
infrastructure that connects the site to surrounding areas, and any works pertaining to the facilities
or technological nature of the site.

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As the history of every Universal Expo shows, Milan will experience an influx of tourists from
around the world for six months and thus will have an opportunity to showcase its points of
excellence and international vocation. Expo 2015 will provide anyone visiting the site, a singular
opportunity to live an extraordinary and unique experience; and as for Milan, the Expo will trigger
resources and speed up projects that will enrich the infrastructural assets of the city. Furthermore,
the Center for Sustainable Development will be one of the most concrete and prestigious legacies of
the Expo, as will the Great Park, that will be developed on the site after the close of the Exposition.

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Expo Milano 2015 will be an extraordinary universal event that will give visibility to traditions,
creativity and innovation together with themes already developed in previous editions of this event,
presenting them in the light of new, global scenarios where the right to healthy, safe and sufficient
food for the entire planet is at their core. As the planet’s life force, food is required for sustainable
development, based on a need for properly maintained physical sustenance, out of respect for all
basic human practices, and for good health.

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The Milan Expo will open its doors on May 1, 2015, and will end on October 31 of the same year.
It represents six months of performances, meetings, conferences and gatherings on a site that is
entirely dedicated to this extraordinary event.

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The easiest and most immediate information channel is, without doubt, the official Expo Milano
2015 website ( where you can find all the information you need related to
the project, the life of Expo 2015 SpA and its activities. It offers a wealth of videos, a photo gallery,
press releases and information produced by Expo 2015 SpA, available to anyone not wishing to
miss any of this extraordinary event. To give due importance to the construction site and give full
visibility to the Exhibition site of Expo Milano 2015, the Company decided to bring together all
the most interesting and useful information about the works on a dedicated site: those wishing
to browse the Expo Construction Site can take a "virtual tour", and see slideshows of images of
ongoing works, work in progress charts, drawings and projects of the future Universal Exposition.

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The Expo will be hosted in an area north-west of Milan, and will cover ​​approximately 1.1 million
square feet, comprising part of the territory surrounding the towns of Pero and Rho. The concept
and masterplan for the realization of the exhibition site was developed by an advisory group of five
internationally renowned architects: Stefano Boeri, Richard Burdett, Jacques Herzog, Joan Busquets
and William McDonough. The guidelines provided by the architects aim to assure a memorable
Expo 2015, offering visitors a direct and immediate food experience - an Expo that, within its own
space, embodies the theme of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, without using those systems of
simulation and documentation so readily available from any computer screen today. The exhibition
site will become a place for a fresh encounter between farming and the city that will feed Milan
- literally and intellectually. A large agro-food park, built on a grid, will be surrounded by water
channels and punctuated by striking landscape architecture.

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In hosting the Expo in 2015, Milan aims to aid national growth, and to be the leading ambassador
of Italy in the world. Milan is the epicenter of an area with almost 10 million inhabitants, just like
London or Paris; it produces 10% of national GDP, a level equal to Brussels or Madrid; its per
capita income is almost double Italy’s national average and its unemployment rate is half that of
Italy; it has achieved 40% of new innovation patents, equating to the annual production of Boston;
its sells 10 million tickets annually for art exhibitions, music, film, online, on a par with Berlin,
Amsterdam, Barcelona; it is home to 650 fashion showrooms, competing with Paris and New
York; and is the capital of the Italian volunteer and service sector. In European terms, the entire
metropolitan area is comparable to that of London or Paris. In fact, the so-called “City Region of
Milan” has about 9.3 million inhabitants – comparable with the Combined Statistical Areas in the
United States.

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