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Classe di prodotto Acqua

Place of production
Basilicata, Vulture area (mineral water) and province of Matera (bread)
Product description
The Vulture mountain abounds with springs between the altitudes of 400 and 1,049 metres. For nearly 100 years a well-known industrial group has run a bottling operation in the area. The volcanic materials give the spring waters a natural effervescence – one of the qualities most appreciated by domestic and foreign markets. Clear, colourless with a pleasant, slightly acidulous taste, it is collected and bottled with modern equipment and marketed under more than 10 brands, taking a 7% share of the domestic market.
Bread is the symbol par excellence of the city of Matera: its flavour and shape are reminiscent of the landscape of the Murgia mountains of Matera. Its organoleptic qualities are a synthesis of the basic native elements of this land: water, wheat grain, air, plus the singular capabilities of people. The product is made using only durum wheat, 20% of which must come from local ecotypes and old varieties such as: Cappelli, Duro Lucano, Capeiti and Appulo. To further improve quality and consolidate ties with the local territory, other combinations are being tested: for example, a mix with a minimum 20% of the Senatore Cappelli variety and the remainder from varieties from the Matera hills.

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History / Traditions / Interesting Facts
Thanks to its wealth of natural springs and forests, the Vulture environment has always been hospitable and generous to man. From the Romans times of Horace to the Svevians of Frederick II, right up to the Basilian monks of today, spring water with its pristine goodness has always been the most valuable asset of this land. Nature began its work 130,000 years ago when the ancient volcano, known to the Romans as "Vultur", became inactive. Here began a process that would continue for millennia, as the rain filtered through volcanic tuff to produce waters with natural effervescence.
The bread of Matera is truly a product from history, dating back to the Kingdom of Naples. The many legends and stories that have grown around it demonstrate how central cereal cultivation – and consequently, bread-making – has been in the Matera area . The many craft elements linked to bread-making in Matera include, for example, "stamps" – wooden articles carved by shepherds during the transhumance period; these were used to make a distinguishing "mark" on the loaves before baking. Their base was marked with the initials of the householder, often done with a human or animal likeness. Today they are very much collectors' items.

Contact information
Consorzio di tutela del pane di Matera
via Marconi, 25
75100 Matera (Matera)
Tel. 0835256822

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