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Puglia - Apulia Felix in Masseria - Oil and Rosé Wine Drovers' Road

Puglia Apulia dettaglio

In the wake of “Feeding the planet, energy for life”, the proposal offers people the opportunity to visit the vineyards, wine cellars, olive farms and presses of one of the region's “capitals” of the Mediterranean diet. Visitors can try internationally acclaimed wines and oils, dive into the tastes and flavours of the Mediterranean diet and visit the many sights of an area that is well-equipped for national and international tourism thanks to its stunning cultural and scenic heritage. Following the Oil and Rosé Wine Drovers' Road, from Daunia to Salento, the project invites visitors to discover and taste the authentic flavours of Puglia, through initiatives such as the "Italian Rosé Wine Competition", "Open wine cellars", "Open olive presses" and the numerous events and workshops at Educational Farms.
DOC and IGT rosé wines
DOP extra virgin olive oil from centuries-old olive groves
Expo e territori scheda Puglia 2
Bari - Alberobello, Cassano delle Murge, Mola di Bari, Noci, Toritto
Barletta-Andria-Trani - Minervino Murge, Trinitapoli
Brindisi - Carovigno, Cisternino
Foggia - Biccari, Carpino, Monte Sant’Angelo, Orsara di Puglia,
Lecce - Corigliano d’Otranto, Minervino di Lecce, Sternatia, Supersano, Tricase, Ugento
Taranto - Crispiano, Laterza, Manduria
Expo e territori scheda Puglia 2
Expo e territori scheda Puglia 2
Alta Murgia National Park
Gargano National Park
UNESCO World Heritage Site included in the initiative
1. Trulli of Alberobello
2. Castel del Monte
3. Longobards in Italy. Seats of Power - San Michele Arcangelo Sanctuary
Some of the cultural assets included in the initiative
1. Alberobello: Trulli drystone dwellings
2. Cassano Murge: Maria Santissima degli Angeli Convent, Specchia di femina morta site
3. Mola di Bari: Angioino Castle, San Nicola Church, Roberti Alberotanza Palace, Van Westerhout Theatre
4. Noci: Barsento Sanctuary, Madonna della Scala Sanctuary, Clock Tower, Gnostre, “Formiche di Puglia” Literary Park
5. Toritto: Marchesale Palace, Clock Tower
6. Minervino Murge: XV Century Tower, San Michele Cave, Canne della Battaglia Archaeological Park, Castel del Monte
7. Trinitapoli: Civic Museum, Archaeological Park
8. Carovigno: Messapian Walls, Dentice di Frasso Anjou Castle, Santa Maria di Agnano Archaeological Park
9. Cisternino: Norman-Svevian Tower, San Nicola Church, Valle d’Itria
10. Biccari: Byzantine Tower
11. Carpino: San Cirillo Church, Baronial Palace, Norman-Svevian Castle
12. Monte Sant’Angelo: San Michele Arcangelo Sanctuary, Rotari Tomb, Pulsano Abbey, Castle
13. Orsara di Puglia: Sant'Angelo Abbey, San Michele Arcangelo Cave, Baronial Palace, Guevara Tower
14. Corigliano d’Otranto: de' Monti Castle, Dolmen monoliths
15. Minervino di Lecce: Li Scusi Dolmens, Monticelli Menhirs
16. Supersano: Coelimanna Menhir, Remembrance Park Menhir
17. Tricase: Tutino Castle, Caprarica Castle
18. Ugento: Crypt of the Crucifix and rupestrian village, Cathedral, Bishop's Palace and Seminary, Capo di Leuca
19. Crispiano: Territory of 100 farms, medieval rupestrian churches and villages of Terra delle Gravine Park
20. Manduria: Messapian Walls Archaeological Park, Pliny's Fountain, Colimena Watchtower, "Storia di Messapi: Manduria oltre le mura" Archaeological Exhibition
21. Lecce: old town
The Apulia Felix project affords visitors the chance to discover the region's cultural and scenic sights along with its excellence in the agro-food industry, by providing the opportunity to visit vineyards, wine cellars, olive farms and presses as well as participate in various initiatives offered by participating educational farms.
By car: Motorways A1 and A14 – Main roads SS 16 and SS 100
By air: Bari and Brindisi airports
By train: Milan - Lecce: Freccia Bianca service 9 hours – Intercity sleeper 13 hours
Milan - Bari Centrale: Freccia Rossa service 7 hours, Freccia Bianca service 8 hours - Intercity sleeper 10 hours
Connections between the station of arrival and Municipalities covered by the proposal
Ferrovie del Sud Est services, Ferrovie del Nord Barese services, bus, taxi, car hire
“Educational Farm” Events
16 May: Biccari (Foggia) at Masseria Irene farm. Educational workshops on products and their production processes. Farm festival with tasting of traditional rustic products, folk songs and dancing. Info:

23 May: Laterza (Taranto), Masseria Sierro Lo Greco farm. Area for topical discussions and promotions, painting workshops with food and bales of fodder. Folk dancing and music with the participation of Max Però and Chiara Dell’Anna. Info:
30 May: Noci (Bari), Masseria Tinelli farm. Ancient crafts discovery tour including a visit to the olive press, a walk among the olive trees, tastings, taste workshops and natural cosmetics and soap making. Musical poetry and 'pizzica' folk dancing. Info:

1 June: Corigliano d’Otranto (Lecce), Masseria Sant’Angelo farm. Topical discussions on Salento heritage and products. Visit the stone museum, animals and orchard. Poetry and stories on the region's ancient language Griko. Short course: Griko language and work songs. Info:
11 June: Tricase (Lecce), Masseria Gli Ulivi farm. Area for topical discussions and promotions. Folk dancing. Tasting of local products. Info:
20 June: Sternatia (Lecce), Masseria Chicco Rizzo farm. Topical discussions and promotions. . Workshops: Bread and lighting the Old Oven – “Panari, ciste and canestri” baskets made with olive branches, reeds and rushes – Clay and Ceramics – Mosaics – Folk Dancing and Music with local music group Briganti di Terra d’Otranto. Info:

28 June: Supersano (Lecce), Masseria Le Stanzie farm. Topical discussions on Salento specialities: cow's cheese and DOC rosé wine. From the olive presses to the barns and stables: tastings and guided tours. Jazz concert (Raffaele Casarano, Blandini) and Balkan music (Opa cupa). Info:

3 July: Minervino di Lecce (Lecce), Masseria Caroppo farm. “In the name of the grain” conference, topical discussion on baked goods (frise, bread, pasta, taralli and focaccia) with tasting of local products. Info:
11 July: Trinitapoli (Foggia), Masseria Giardino degli Ulivi farm. Educational workshops, “Dal grano al pane - From grain to bread” and “Ortolando”. Experiential tours on the processes involved in food production. Tasting of local products. Info:
13 July: Crispiano (Taranto). In the saddle: pet therapy with donkeys from Martina Franca. Pasta workshop. Tasting of local products. Equestrian display and folk music performances. Info:
23 July: Ugento (Lecce), Masseria Gialli farm. Educational tours: “From the Mediterranean maquis shrubland to the ancient olive trees”, “The benefits of organic farming for people and the environment”, “From flour to dough”. Tastings and artistic and musical entertainment. Info:
1 August: Alberobello (Bari), Masseria Perrini farm. Educational workshops, vegetable garden tours, tastings and activities for children. Info:
3 August: Carpino (Foggia), Masseria Didattica L’oasi educational farm – Azienda Agricola Di Cannarozzi Michele farm. Tasting of local food products. Folk songs and dancing, theatrical show “Beans in space: feeding planets, stars and desires”. Info:
16 August: Cisternino (Brindisi), Masseria Il Frantolio farm. Guided tours of the farm and educational activities for children. Food and wine and handicrafts fair. Tasting of local products. Traditional country and folk music concert. Info:
22 August: San Paolo di Civitate (Foggia), Masseria Rovello farm. Farm animal workshops, product tasting, workshops, lunch and dinner, ethnic dance and folk music concert under the shade of centuries-old olive trees. Fireworks display. Info:

25 August: Carovigno (Brindisi), Masseria Carrone farm. Farm festival of traditional flavours: showcasing and tasting of local products. Educational workshops, folk dancing, songs and theatre. Info:

6 September: Manduria (Taranto), Masseria Il Noce farm. Folk singing and storytelling. Shows, poetry, street performers, murals and conferences. Workshops, tastings, theatre and fireworks: from the farm to the region's rupestrian churches and Primitivo Wine Museum. Info:

8 September: Mola di Bari (Bari), Masseria Tenuta Pinto farm. Tasting tour of local products. Topical discussions and tastings. Cooking demonstration. Info:
27 September: Monte Sant’Angelo (Foggia), Masseria La Torre – Taronna farm. Educational workshops: “Milk and Eat” and “Discover the Forest”. Tasting of local dishes. Traditional music and dancing with folk group “I cantori di Monte Sant’Angelo”. Info:

3 October: Toritto (Bari), Contrada Pilapalucci farm. Literary and gastronomic evening. Taste, recipes and traditions. Book presentations and tasting of specialities made with almonds and coffee. Info:

8 October: Cassano delle Murge (Bari), Masseria Ruotolo farm. "Long live the newlyweds!" event: invitation to a traditional Puglian wedding. Re-creation of a country wedding at a traditional trulli drystone dwelling with folk music and dancing and local Puglian products. Info:
24 October: Minervino Murge (Barletta Adria Trani), Masseria Barbera farm. Discovering Murgia – Nature walk. Puglian cookery course and educational workshops for children and adults. Product tasting and traditional folk music. Info:
31 October: Orsara di Puglia (Foggia), Masseria Posta Guevara farm. Visit to the wine cellar and olive press. Educational farm. Tastings of local products from the Monte Dauni mountains, tasting of wines and new rosé wines, culinary tales: between history and legend. Info:
Ms Angelica Anglani  -
Masseria Irene, Biccari (Foggia)
Contrada Tertiveri 44
T (+39) 3393076666, (+39) 3392933099

Masseria Sierro Lo Greco, Laterza (Taranto)
Contrada Sierro lo Greco
T (+39) 099 8296550, (+39) 338 4527592

Masseria Tinelli, Noci (Bari)
Zona A, 15
T (+39) 329 7099193

Masseria Sant’Angelo, Corigliano d’Otranto (Lecce)
Case Sparse Sant'Angelo
T (+39) 0836 320575, (+39) 338 9793329

Masseria Gli Ulivi, Tricase (Lecce)
Marina Serra (Contrada Palane)
T (+39) 347 9129776

Masseria Chicco Rizzo, Sternatia (Lecce)
Contrada Chicco Rizzo
T (+39) 328 8575989

Masseria Le Stanzie, Supersano (Lecce)
Strada prov.le 362 Km. 32,900
T (+39) 0833 632438, (+39) 340 1088978

Masseria Caroppo, Minervino di Lecce (Lecce)
Giardino delle Cantine Menhir
T (+39) 377 4227086

Masseria Giardino degli Ulivi, Trinitapoli (Barletta Andria Trani)
S.P. 61 Contrada Giardino km 0,500
T 0883 630022 - 333 7489777

Masseria Russoli, Crispiano (Taranto)
S.P. 49 - Contrada Pilano
T (+39) 099 7307513, (+39) 333 7467897

Masseria Gialli, Ugento (Lecce).
Contrada Tore
T (+39) 345 13 38 621

Masseria Perrini, Alberobello (Bari)
S.P. per Putignano 22
T (+39) 080 4324797, (+39) 338 3937031

Masseria Didattica L’oasi ­ Azienda Agricola Di Cannarozzi Michele, Carpino (Foggia)
Località Piscina Vecchia
T (+39) 0884 9922, (+39) 392 1195508, (+39) 347 2213541

Masseria Il Frantolio, Cisternino (Brindisi)
Contrada Tesoro,25
T (+39) 080 4444671

Masseria Rovello, San Paolo di Civitate (Foggia)
Contrada Rovello

Masseria Carrone, Carovigno (Brindisi)
Contrada Carrone
T (+39) 0831.996980, (+39) 320.6627715

Masseria Il Noce, Manduria (Taranto)
Contrada Marroco - SP 136 Manduria- Maruggio Km 4
T (+39) 099 973 4943

Masseria Tenuta Pinto, Mola di Bari (Bari)
via Chiancarelle 13 - Contrada Brenca
T (+39) 080.4737532, (+39) 340 5156862, (+39) 340 7079205

Masseria La Torre -Taronna, Monte Sant’Angelo (Foggia)
Località Purgatorio
T (+39) 0884.562331, (+39) 334 7643444

Masseria Storica Pilapalucci, Toritto (Bari)
Contrada Pilapalucci
T (+39) 080 561783, (+39) 349 4374955, (+39) 330 767075

Masseria Ruotolo, Cassano delle Murge (Bari)
via Lago di Nuzzi
T (+39) 080764336, (+39) 080764511, (+39) 3342347202

Masseria Barbera, Minervino Murge (Barletta Andria Trani)
SS 97, km 5.850
T (+39) 0883 692 095

Masseria Posta Guevara, Orsara di Puglia (Foggia)
Via Napoli - S.S. 90 (loc. Giardinetto)
T (+39) 0881.976880, (+39) 342.7806551, (+39) 328.8150711
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