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Lazio land of oil

Lazio dettaglio

The purpose of the project is to promote the four Lazio DOP oil areas (Canino, Colline Pontine, Sabina and Tuscia) and their associated food traditions, in order to protect the assets and valuable features of the region, promote tourism and accommodation services, support olive cultivation and production enterprises and offer nutritional advice to the international public of Expo 2015. To this end, thematic tourist itineraries are being developed in each DOP area and information desks have been set up to provide information on sites to visit and companies that supply extra virgin olive oil.
Canino DOP, Colline Pontine DOP, Sabina DOP and Tuscia DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Expo e territori scheda Lazio
Roma - Cerveteri, Montelibretti, Montorio Romano, Moricone, Nerola, Palombara Sabina, Tivoli
Latina - Cisterna di Latina, Cori, Formia, Monte San Biagio, Sermoneta
Rieti - Cantalupo in Sabina, Castelnuovo di Farfa, Collevecchio, Fara in Sabina, Magliano Sabina, Monteleone Sabino, Montopoli di Sabina, Poggio Mirteto, Poggio Moiano, Poggio Nativa, Scandriglia, Stimigliano, Torri in Sabina
Viterbo - Bagnoregio, Bassano in Teverina, Blera, Bolsena, Bomarzo, Canino, Capranica, Civita Castellana, Civitella D'Agliano, Farnese, Gradoli, Grotte di Castro, Montefiascone, Nepi, Soriano nel Cimino, Sutri, Tarquinia, Vetralla
Expo e territori scheda Lazio
Expo e territori scheda Lazio
UNESCO World Heritage Site included in the initiative
Villa Adriana, Tivoli
Villa d’Este, Tivoli
Etruscan Necropolises of Cerveteri and Tarquinia
Some of the cultural assets included in the initiative
Cerveteri: Cerite National Archaeological Museum, Necropoli della Banditaccia
Guidonia Montecelio: Inviolata Archaeological Park
Nerola: Castello Orsini
Tivoli: Sanctuary of Hercules the victor, Antiquarium of Canopo, Educational Museum
Cisterna di Latina: Gardens of Ninfa
Norma: Antica Norba Archaeological Site
Sermoneta: Castle
Fara in Sabina: Farfa Abbey
Bagnoregio: Civita ancient town
Bolsena: S. Giovenale and Terrone rupestrian necropolises
Bomarzo: Monsters' Park or Sacred Woodland
Canino: Vulci National Archaeological Museum, Francois Tomb
Cellere: Museum of Banditry
Montalto di Castro: Vulci Archaeological Park
Sutri: Amphitheatre and Necropolis
Tarquinia: Civita, Ara della Regina, National Archaeological Museum
Tuscania: Madonna dell’olivo Archaeological Site
Valentano: Tuscia and Rocca Farnese Museum of Prehistory
1) Canino DOP Itinerary: amidst the "Farnese territory", bringing the Middle Ages to life.
2) Colline Pontine DOP Itinerary: from Cisterna di Latina, the town of the "butteri" (cowboys), to the Gulf of Gaeta, by way of the archaeological ruins of ancient Norba and the Gardens of Ninfa natural park.
3) Sabina DOP Itinerary: from Roman Sabina to Rieti with a diversion to the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Villas of Tivoli.
4) Tuscia DOP Itinerary: from Etruscan Tarquinia (with an excursion to the necropolis of Cerveteri) to Lake Bolsena and Civita Castellana with a visit to the Monsters' Park at Bomarzo.
By plane from Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci (Rome).
By train: stations of Viterbo, Civitavecchia, Passo Corese-Fara Sabina and Latina Scalo. Transport connections to the municipalities involved are mostly covered by bus services.
FOR MORE INFORMATION - -  Centro Assaggiatori Produzioni Olivicole Latina
Project: "Ninfa, i Caetani, il cavata e foro appio" – the water's journey from the hills to the sea. History, land reclamation, wine and oil, genuine agritourism, the Caenati, natural, cultural and architectural attractions. May-October 2015
Canino DOP and Tuscia DOP
Chamber of Commerce of Viterbo
Via Fratelli Rosselli, 4 –  01100 Viterbo
T +39 0761 29221,  F +39 0761 345755 –
Sabina DOP
Chamber of Commerce of Rieti
Via Paolo Borsellino, 16 -  02100 Rieti
T  +39 0746 201364,  F +39 0746 205235 –
Colline Pontine DOP
Chamber of Commerce of Latina 
Via Umberto I, 88 –  04100 Latina
T +39 0773 6721,  F +39 0773 693003 –
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