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Visitors with Disabilities – Expo Milano 2015 Site Accessibility

Accoglienza disabili Accessibilità - Sito Espositivo
People with disabilities can get to the exhibition site via the following modes of transport:
• Metro Red Line M1 - Station: Rho Fiera Milano
• Train - Station: Rho Fiera Milano  
• Taxi
• Tour Bus 
• Private Car
For further information, consult the following: 
  • The page How to Reach the Expo Milano 2015 site, where you can download a public transport map, that includes metro and suburban train services, showing which stations offer step-free access.
  • The site: Lombardy Regional Council for Expo Milano 2015.
  • How to reach Expo Milano 2015 offers a summary of public transport links to the Expo, including a link for further information on traveling there for those with disabilities.
  • For a complete overview of public transport in the city of Milan, check out the page entitled Mobility on the site called Expofacile Milano 2015.
  • For information about travelling on public transport in Milano, see People with Disabilities on the site of the Milan Transit Authority (ATM Milano).
  • For passengers traveling by train, see this page of the Trenord website, which provides information on assistance that can be provided to passengers with reduced mobility or disabilities.
  • For details of taxi services in Milan, go to this page on the Expofacile Milano 2015 site.
  • Details of how best the interests of visitors with disabilities, arriving by private car and parking in the designated Expo Milano 2015 car-parks, will be served, is currently under review by DB-Arriva, which is responsible for parking at the Expo, and will be announced shortly.
Download the Expo Milano 2015 Map
Arriving by car. Parking areas
  • Merlata parking area (view the location of the carpark on Google Maps) - Connected to the Expo-Merlata pedestrian footbridge - Sud Merlata entrance - Orogel.
    As there is a camera system in place that monitors car license plates on the roads leading up to the entrance, we advise you to book your parking online in advance to avoid receiving a parking fine. You may not enter from Via Gallarate or Via Jona, but instead must enter from Via Punta Licosa and Via Barzaghi.
  • Fiera-Milano parking area (view the location of the carpark on Google Maps) - Connected to the Expo-Fiera pedestrian footbridge - Ovest Fiorenza entrance - San Carlo. Adjacent to M1 Rho Fiera Milano Metro station. Booking online is not necessary. It is not possible to parkin Largo Metropolitana.
  • Trenno parking area (view the location of the carpark on Google Maps) - Shuttle bus connection to Est Roserio entrance - Orogel.
  • Arese parking area (view the location of the carpark on Google Maps) - Shuttle bus connection to Est Roserio entrance - Orogel. 
Access to Expo Milano 2015 for people with disabilities
There are four entrances to Expo Milano 2015, and each is designed for people with disabilities.  These are:
1. Ovest Triulza Entrance

This entrance can be reached by train from the Rho Fiera Milano station (the station is accessible for travelers with disabilities).
From the Rho Fiera train station, take the accessible underground route which brings you to the entrance of the Exhibition Site. The last stretch of the route is uphill, with elevator access for visitors with limited mobility. The distance from the train station to the security area is around 350 meters.
2. Ovest Fiorenza Entrance
This entrance is convenient to Metro (underground) Line 1 - Rho Fiera Milano station. There are two options, the second being for those with limited mobility.
• From the turnstiles of the Rho Fiera Milano Metro station take the elevator to the station exit, and walk 300 meters to the base of the PEF footbridge. Take the elevator up to the bridge, which is 500 meters long, and leads directly into the Expo grounds, the last stretch being a downhill slope.
• For those with limited mobility: from the turnstiles of the MM1 Rho Fiera Milano metro station, instead of heading to the PEF footbridge, take the underground route from the Rho Fiera Milano Expo 2015 train station as described in 1 above). The distance from the metro turnstiles after the security area is about 500 meters.
3. Merlata (Sud) Entrance

This entrance can be reached by taxi, tour bus, or car.

Having passed the security check-point, visitors with disabilities can take an elevator to the PEM walkway, which is 350 meters long. At the end of the walkway, a further elevator brings you to the Exhibition Site. The route from the security area to the Exhibition Site is about 500 meters.

4. Roserio (Est) Entrance

This entrance can be reached by taxi or tour bus.

The Expo security area can be reached via a walkway with access for people with disabilities. This route involves stretches to be covered on foot that vary between 50 and 500 meters.
Accessibility on the Expo Milano 2015 site

A number of ticket booths are reserved for visitors with disabilities, along with dedicated lanes in the security area. Walkways in the exhibition site, pavilions, and service areas are fully accessible to visitors with disabilities.
The walkways on the exhibition site and inside some of the pavilions are equipped with touch-sensitive guiding paths and touch-sensitive maps that allow the vision-impaired to find their way around independently. Some pavilions have specifically planned a visitor experience specifically for people with disabilities.

Expo has advised all pavilion managers to provide a fast-track option for visitors with disabilities, but this is, of course, dependent on each individual pavilion. We advise visitors to inquire whether a fast track option is available upon entering the pavilion.

There are specially-equipped restrooms in all service areas and in various pavilions.

The Children’s Park (an area dedicated to exploring through fun) is accessible for children with disabilities: there is, indeed, an accessible entrance reserved especially for them. The experiences and activities are suitable for everyone, and there are specially-equipped restrooms.

Since the events are organized by the participating countries, corporations, and others, responsibility for organizing events that are accessible for people with disabilities lies with the individual event organizer. Expo has recommended that all participating countries and organizations ensure that events can be enjoyed by all visitors. For a specific event, we advise you to seek confirmation of accessibility directly from the country or organization that is organizing the particular event.
Mobility within the exhibition site 

A courtesy shuttle bus service, the "People Mover", will be operating along the outer perimeter of the exhibition site. This is accessible to visitors with disabilities, and those with reduced mobility. 
For security reasons, the paths inside the exhibition site are pedestrianized and therefore cannot be served by the shuttle buses, taxis, or electric cars, or other vehicles.

Getting information within the exhibition site

On the exhibition site are various places where visitors can obtain information. One option is one of the four Expo Info Points. Another is the Info Point operated by ExpoFacile, the Lombardy Regional Council’s service for people with disabilities, at Cascina Triulza. Another option is to ask any of the uniformed Expo volunteers or staff.

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