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People Mover Shuttle Bus Service

Navetta People Mover
People Mover Shuttle Bus 

With Expo Milano 2015 extending over one million square meters, moving from one end to the other of the site on foot is likely to be tiring and time-consuming. Expo’s free People Mover shuttle bus service is designed to avoid this problem, enabling visitors to the Expo to see more since they can hop aboard a bus when they need to move from one section of the exhibition grounds to the other.
Download the Expo Milano 2015 Map
How does the People Mover shuttle bus service work?

The shuttle bus travels around the perimeter of the Expo Milano 2015 grounds, in a clock-wise direction, and runs a minimum of every five, and a maximum of every seven minutes. There are ten, conveniently located, stops and the service will be available throughout the Expo’s six-month run.
The People Mover vehicles

Expo Milano 2015’s People Mover service will be effected by a fleet of six buses that are both highly innovative and environmentally sustainable. The model is a 12-meter Urban Way, manufactured by IVECO, Expo’s Sustainable Mobility Partner. Rated Euro VI, these low-floor, air-conditioned buses are methane-powered, and seat between 23 and 28 passengers, as well as accommodating one wheelchair. Eye-catchingly liveried, they will be extra easy for visitors to spot.

Click here for further information, and to consult the detailed map showing the People Mover shuttle service.

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