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Exhibition Site

Mediterranean Hill

Collina mediterranea dettaglio
At the eastern end of the expo site is the Mediterranean Hill, one of the four structures that mark the boundaries of the Cardo (north-south), and the Decumano (east-west). At 12 meters, the Mediterranean Hill is one of the major landmarks of the Exposition Site. On the hill is an olive grove facing south-east, as well as trees typical of the Mediterranean woodlands, similar to those found in the Quarto Freddo.

A romantic lookout

Designed to provide an enjoyable visit to all, the Mediterranean Hill is the best location from which to enjoy a panoramic view of the Exposition site in the evenings. The top of the hill is accessed via a system of ramps and, from there, visitors can survey the sights, including the awnings that cover the walkways to shield visitors from sun and rain.
Visitors can take a stroll through a woodland in many ways typical of the Mediterranean, which features cork trees, cypresses, and oaks. An olive grove overlooks the Slow Food Piazza, onto which faces the Slow Food Pavilion. Designed by Herzog & de Meuron, this affords visitors the chance to explore the importance of agricultural and food biodiversity, to examine a variety of biodiverse products, and to become aware of the need to adopt new eating habits. Echoing the lines of the pavilion, the exhibit is based on a simple layout, consisting of tables that recreate the atmosphere of a bustling marketplace.
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