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One of the key attractions of Expo Milano 2015, and a first in terms of Universal Expositions, the Clusters bring together communities, not by geographical area, but by a common theme and food group. Here we look at the Expo theme, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, in its broadest sense, in a spirit of sharing, dialogue and interaction.
As part of the School Project, the nine Clusters of Expo Milano 2015 are organising a rich programme of educational activities for the students of all levels and kinds of school.
icona riso




Rice – Abundance and Security

A rural landscape that conveys the feel of the vastness, the colors, and scents of rice fields, greets visitors as they begin their journey into the world of rice. One of the first cereals to be cultivated by humankind, rice has since spread worldwide, far beyond its early origins in the valleys of China.

icona cioccolato

Cocoa and Chocolate



Cocoa and Chocolate: The Food of Gods

Chocolate is made from cocoa beans, and these come from the small, fruit-bearing cacao tree. Measuring just over ten centimeters, the cacao tree is grown in tropical and subtropical plantations, and these provide the inspiration for this Cluster.

icona caffè




Coffee: The Engine of Ideas

Starting life as the seeds of tropical plants that are harvested, dried and then roasted, this aromatic beverage warms and revives. Inspiring this Cluster are the vast coffee plantations set in the shade of the tropical forests of Africa and Central America.

frutta e legumi

Fruits and Legumes

Frutta e legumi


Fruits and Legumes

Conjuring an orchard, this space accommodates both small and large varieties of fruit trees. Fruits and legumes have been eaten since ancient times. So engrained are they in many cultures worldwide, that they have often been the subject of myths, legends, and traditions.





Spices: The World of Spices

A sensory experience for all, this Cluster takes its cue from the ancient spice trade routes, evoking the exotic aromas and colors of distant lands and seas. The maps that led to the discovery of, and trade in, new sources of spices are a highlight of this journey.

cereali e tuberi

Cereals and Tubers



Cereals and Tubers: Old and New Crops

The colors and fragrances reminiscent of cereal and tuber crops are the conceptual basis for this pavilion, which traces the discovery and development of crops that have brought nourishment to many peoples all over the world.

bio mediterraneo




Bio-Mediterraneum: Health, Beauty and Harmony

The Mediterranean Sea unites Europe, Africa and Asia and is a melting pot of peoples, histories, civilizations and environments. The image of the sea within the Cluster is conveyed by a floor in many shades of blue, recalling the colors of the sea that embraces the countries hosted in this Cluster.


Islands, Sea and Food

Isole, mare e cibo


Islands, Sea and Food

Cued by the sights, sounds, colors and scents typical of sea- and ocean-bound habitats, this Cluster evokes the sense of harmony that characterizes its member lands.

zone aride

Arid Zones

Zone aride


Agriculture and Nutrition in the Arid Zones

Entering the Cluster, visitors feel as if they are in a desert sandstorm, this scene symbolizing both the difficulty of living in, and of exploiting, the arid and semi-arid territories, with their many hidden vital resources.

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