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icona riso


Rice – Abundance and Security

A rural landscape that conveys the feel of the vastness, the colors, and scents of rice fields, greets visitors as they begin their journey into the world of rice. One of the first cereals to be cultivated by humankind, rice has since spread worldwide, far beyond its early origins in the valleys of China.

Padiglione Zero Breve

Thematic Areas

Pavilion Zero

Curated by Davide Rampello and designed by Michele de Lucchi, Pavilion Zero provides an introduction to the Expo Milano 2015 Site. Pavilion Zero takes the visitor on a captivating journey to explore how much humankind has produced, the transformation of natural landscape, and the culture and rituals of food consumption.

Lake Arena breve

Exhibition Site

Lake Arena

This is the largest outdoor space open to visitors at the Expo, and will be the venue for water games, firework displays, and concerts. The pool, 90 metres in diameter, is surrounded by stepped terraces, affording seating for up to 3,000 people, with a standing room behind them for another 17,000 spectators. Three concentric circles of trees complete the picture.

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